Forbes' New Book Makes Case For Sound Money

By Curtis Ophoven

In his new book, Steve Forbes of Forbes magazine, writes about the future of the economy. In his book, “Money: How the Destruction of the Dollar Threatens the Global Economy – and What We Can Do About It”, Steve is much bolder than I thought he would be. 

God Remains The Best Explanation For Objective Moral Laws

By Tia Johnson

When a Sunday School Teacher was discussing "sin" with a group of preschoolers, it was my child who stated, "I've never sinned. Sometimes I hit and lie, but I've never sinned."

The Greatest Revival The World Has Ever Seen

By Curtis Ophoven

A few days ago I ran across an interesting article in Charisma magazine titled ‘The Real Reason We Don’t See Revival’. 

Are Christian Churches Really In Decline?

By Tia Johnson

More than half of U.S. churches are stagnant or shrinking and more than 4,000 close every year, according to a Hartford Institute for Religion Research report.

When Technology Becomes Our God, It Owns Us

By Curtis Ophoven

In a world of too much information, companies like Apple, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have grown to meet our demand in helping us manage all of it.  

How Close Is Christianity To Becoming A Hate Crime?

By Tia Johnson

The FBI made heads turn when it recently dropped a fiery lobbyist group as a resource on their "hate crime" webpage. This came after the Family Research Council and other pro-family groups made an official request to the FBI to disconnect with the fiery group called the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

Common Core, The Goal Is To Control Your Children

By Curtis Ophoven

In an attempt to understand what Common Core is all about and why it is being talked about in the news, I had to do a little research to boil it down. 

Study Confirms Link Between Cancer And Abortion

By Tia Johnson

Several months ago I committed an act that would have set most husbands ablaze. It started with a missing set of keys which my husband urgently needed.

Marriage Is What Makes Humanity Special

By Curtis Ophoven

Where does the value of human life come from?  Why is human life more valuable than animal life?  What makes humanity special?   

Prayer Empowers Us And Strengthens Our Trust In Him

By Tia Johnson

Last Spring, while an F-5 tornado dug through an Oklahoma school, a teacher prayed. Mrs. Bittle relayed the terror of it all to ABC News and shared this important detail: "'I was praying... I yelled it over and over for the Lord to just cover us and save us and to keep us safe. “

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