Christ or Bust, Growth or Economic Collapse

By Curtis Ophoven

A recent article on Bloomberg said that the entire world is headed deeper and deeper into debt:   

Why Few Churches Are Preaching On The End Times

By Curtis Ophoven

There are many reasons why few churches are teaching on the end times today even as we get closer and closer to the Lord’s return.  

Why A Christian Education Is Far Superior To A Secular Education

By Curtis Ophoven

Deciding which school to put your children in is not easy today.  Many parents don’t have a lot of good choices.  If your children are in a secular school, you should know what they are learning so that you know how to re-educate them when they get home.  

The Global War On Christians, The Media Is Silent, But We Don't Have To Be

By Tia Johnson

Ever since the first family, there has been a global war on Christians.

10 Best Christian Books Of 2014

By Curtis Ophoven

Here are my top 10 Christian book picks for 2014.  This was a big year, with some great books addressing some of the major issues of the day.

Postmodernism Is Destroying The World, Collapsing Each Nation

By Curtis Ophoven

The heart of postmodernism is unbelief in truth, in Christ, that he is the Son of God, that he is the source of life from creation to eternity.  

Plant The Word In The Heart Of Your Child

By Tia Johnson

When it comes to scripture, the majority of church-goers see the Bible as they would a chicken. They know what one looks like on the outside and most likely can identify a few parts of the meat, but they really don't know what the inside of the bird looks like.

Can You Buy A Homeschool Education?

By Curtis Ophoven

Educating the next generation is one of the largest expenses of every nation, and the US public schools are failing, both in educating students and in doing it affordably. 

Why The Earth Is Not Billions Or Even Millions Of Years Old

By Curtis Ophoven

If you want to be able to defend your faith at some point you are going to be questioned about what happen in Genesis, which is why it is worthy to study and form a defendable answer. 

Scientist Fired For Being A Christian

By Tia Johnson

The release of a university scientist who documented evidence that supports creationism is disturbing, but it is also not surprising. 

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