Stopping Abortion requires taking back the media - Carly Fiorina

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Carly Fiorina was one of the most exciting candidates in the 2016 Presidential election.  She was fearless in discussing the major issues facing the nation after 8 years of Obama.   

Look to the nations and watch and be utterly amazed

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Last week at the OneThing IHOP conference, Stuart Greeves delivered one of the best messages.

Moral decline is the real reason for the global economic collapse

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U.S. Banks Have Hundreds of Trillions in Derivatives

Top 10 Christian Books Of 2015

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Here are my top 10 Christian books for 2015.  Last year was a big year and this year was even bigger.

No Such Thing As A Prosperous Nation Without God

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Is it possible for a nation to become prosperous without God?  Does any nation exist in the world today that has prospered without following the God's advice?

Monsters Point To God

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The debate within the Christian community about how to deal with Halloween is as strong as ever.  Should Christians participate in Halloween or not?  Should they attend a church service or should they avoid them because these services still celebrate Halloween?  

The Goal Of The Church In The Last Days Is To Stand Firm

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The goal of the church in the last days is to stand firm, as persecution increases so will the boldness of the faithful.  This is what is pre-recorded in the history records, as the gospel is spread to the ends of the world.  

How Secular Schools Lead Children Away From Christ

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Deciding which school to put your children in is not easy today.  Many parents don’t have a lot of good choices.  If your children are in a secular school, you should know what they are learning so that you know how to re-educate them when they get home.  

Censoring The Truth Always Results In The Truth Being Revealed In Other Ways

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Persecution is increasing in America and there is good reason to be concerned about it; but, there is also good news. 

The Bloodshed of ISIS Brings Prophetic Wars Back Into Consideration

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Among Christians there are different ideas about how the End Times will unfold.

Verse Of The Day

2 Corinthians 5:7

"For we live by faith, not by sight."

Cruz lost because the faithful didn’t vote in the primary
- 05.19.16 0 Comments
Rodney Stark shows why America's greatest advantage is Christianity
- 01.25.16 0 Comments
Without truth society is increasingly incoherent
- 01.25.16 0 Comments
President Obama vetoes bill stopping lawmakers from defunding Planned Parenthood
- 01.08.16 0 Comments
America will fall without a moral revival - Franklin Graham
- 01.07.16 0 Comments
GOP debate 4 too close to call
- 11.11.15 0 Comments
Justice Kennedy compares his own ruling to laws creating by Nazi Germany
- 11.02.15 0 Comments
Ted Cruz wins debate 3 – exposing the liberal media’s phony questions
- 10.29.15 0 Comments
Biden bowed out because he knew he could not win, even with Obama
- 10.26.15 0 Comments
Dr. Ben Carson- I oppose abortion for rape and incest
- 10.26.15 0 Comments
The real problem with the people beneath the guns
- 10.12.15 0 Comments
Legal Scholars agree Supreme Court redefinition of marriage should be rejected
- 10.12.15 0 Comments
Jesus was not a socialist, rather a free-market capitalist
- 10.08.15 0 Comments
Big money behind Lutheran Social Service bringing Somalis to Minnesota
- 10.04.15 0 Comments
The media’s complicit hatred of Christians
- 10.04.15 0 Comments
Oct 2nd 2015 - The day Christians were martyred on American soil
- 10.02.15 0 Comments
Planned Parenthood CEO testifies before congress
- 09.29.15 0 Comments
South Dakota asks Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade
- 09.29.15 0 Comments
What if your job becomes used for evil?
- 09.23.15 0 Comments
A genie is too weak, we need the real God
- 09.22.15 0 Comments
Cruz wins debate 2
- 09.16.15 0 Comments
8 of the 10 highest IQ's on earth believe in God and 6 are Christians
- 09.07.15 0 Comments
The sexual revolution has left many college students with empty lives
- 09.03.15 0 Comments
The gotcha question - what if your teenage son was gay?
- 08.30.15 0 Comments
War Room Movie - I would trade a man chasing after God for a house full of stuff any day
- 08.30.15 0 Comments
New Movie – War Room – opens this weekend
- 08.26.15 0 Comments
The governments war against families and their businesses
- 08.25.15 0 Comments
Rigged markets around the world begin to crash
- 08.24.15 0 Comments
Religious liberty victims take the stage at Ted Cruz Rally
- 08.23.15 0 Comments
New videos show Planned Parenthood sells fully intact human aborted babies
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