When Love is Redefined to Fit the World

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Love is the foundation of Christianity – “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son.” (John 3:16)   

Censoring The Truth Always Results In The Truth Being Revealed In Other Ways

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Persecution is increasing in America and there is good reason to be concerned about it; but, there is also good news. 

The god of Positive Thinking Is Too Small, We Need The Real God

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Is ‘positive thinking’ the secrete to life?   Well it can be, but only if you begin with Christ.   

Why Science Cannot Determine Human Value Or Derive A Moral Standard

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A few years ago, Sam Harison wrote a book called, “The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values,“ in which he tried to argue that science will one day will be able to determine a moral standard – by which could sustain society.   

Scientist Discovers That Atheists Do Not Exist

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The problem with self-identifying as an Atheist is that you have to be willing to live out its ideas, and that is impossible.   

God Remains The Best Explanation For Objective Moral Laws

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When a Sunday School Teacher was discussing "sin" with a group of preschoolers, it was my child who stated, "I've never sinned. Sometimes I hit and lie, but I've never sinned."

Prayer Empowers Us And Strengthens Our Trust In Him

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Last Spring, while an F-5 tornado dug through an Oklahoma school, a teacher prayed. Mrs. Bittle relayed the terror of it all to ABC News and shared this important detail: "'I was praying... I yelled it over and over for the Lord to just cover us and save us and to keep us safe. “

The Bible Makes A Comeback In Public Education

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Removing the Bible from public education in 1963 is perhaps the greatest turning point in the history of America.  From the moment the Bible was removed as the source of teaching the next generation no longer had a moral standard and society began to fall apart.  

Does God Exist? Frank Turek vs. Dennis Normark

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One of the best debates I have even seen.  Frank Turek (Christian) takes on Dennis Normark (Non-Theist) who claims he is a non-theist rather than an atheist, yet at one point in the debate Dennis calls himself an atheist.

Mass Shootings Reveal Moral Decay

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Throughout history, we have read of times of great immorality—even worse than today. During Lot’s day, men were bold enough to demand sex with angels.

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