Moral decline is the real reason for the global economic collapse

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U.S. Banks Have Hundreds of Trillions in Derivatives

No Such Thing As A Prosperous Nation Without God

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Is it possible for a nation to become prosperous without God?  Does any nation exist in the world today that has prospered without following the God's advice?

Christ or Bust, Growth or Economic Collapse

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A recent article on Bloomberg said that the entire world is headed deeper and deeper into debt:   

Postmodernism Is Destroying The World, Collapsing Each Nation

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The heart of postmodernism is unbelief in truth, in Christ, that he is the Son of God, that he is the source of life from creation to eternity.  

7 Reasons To Anticipate A Global Financial Collapse

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Does the Bible teach that we will experience a global financial collapse in the end times?  Some say yes and some say no.   

Forbes' New Book Makes Case For Sound Money

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In his new book, Steve Forbes of Forbes magazine, writes about the future of the economy. In his book, “Money: How the Destruction of the Dollar Threatens the Global Economy – and What We Can Do About It”, Steve is much bolder than I thought he would be. 

When Technology Becomes Our God, It Owns Us

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In a world of too much information, companies like Apple, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have grown to meet our demand in helping us manage all of it.  

The Moral And Immoral Cases For ObamaCare

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"There are two sides to every argument, and they're usually married to each other." -Unknown author

Our Weaknesses Are Real And So Is God's Strength

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Years ago when the former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura announced that organized religion (such as Christianity) was a crutch for the weak-minded, several Christians took offense.

Can The Global Ignorance Of Sin Cause A Global Financial Collapse?

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The Home Affairs Commissioner of the European Union Cecilia Malmstroem has discovered what the bible predicted about the economic of a nation.  

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