Plant The Word In The Heart Of Your Child

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When it comes to scripture, the majority of church-goers see the Bible as they would a chicken. They know what one looks like on the outside and most likely can identify a few parts of the meat, but they really don't know what the inside of the bird looks like.

Two Lies Which Good Moms Believe

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Good moms are nurturing and caring. They exercise these traits well— which can also cause a heap of trouble.

How Close Is Christianity To Becoming A Hate Crime?

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The FBI made heads turn when it recently dropped a fiery lobbyist group as a resource on their "hate crime" webpage. This came after the Family Research Council and other pro-family groups made an official request to the FBI to disconnect with the fiery group called the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

Study Confirms Link Between Cancer And Abortion

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Several months ago I committed an act that would have set most husbands ablaze. It started with a missing set of keys which my husband urgently needed.

Marriage Is What Makes Humanity Special

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Where does the value of human life come from?  Why is human life more valuable than animal life?  What makes humanity special?   

The Death and Resurrection of Christ Answers the Two Most Common Questions

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As we approach the Easter weekend to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ, we can prepare ourselves to answer questions of unbelievers. 

Anti-Bullying Bills Aim To Redefine Morality By Using Public Schools To Target Children

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Up until 1963 the Bible was used in public schools across America to teach children many things, such as reading, grammar, history, and also as a moral standard.  

Suppressing Liberty In The Name Of Equality

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Dennis Prager's varied background has provided strong patchwork for his poignant political pointers, some of which he shared at the Value Voters Summit in 2012.

Abstinence Education Continues To Help Teens As New Study Finds Drop In Teen Sex

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My husband and I were both virgins when we married. I know, however, that not everyone can say that.

Ex-gay Communities Prove Christ Was Right - Sinful Behavior Can Be Overcome

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The ex-gay community shows it’s possible to experience victory over sin. That’s great news, yet their story is hardly tolerated.

Verse Of The Day

Romans 5:12

"Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way dea..."

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Yes redefining marriage will hurt heterosexual marriage and their children
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Welfare never delivers what it promises, we need the real God
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Kentucky begins targeting pastors that talk about sin
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Sexual sin is in a category all by itself
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Future generations are likely to become leading supporters of natural marriage
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Pro-family movement earned big win at the United Nations
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Ryan T. Anderson New Book 'Truth Overruled' is likely to inspire a national pro-marriage movement
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Why not just completely remove marriage from the state?
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This is no time to give up on politics
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Music Video- Shawn McDonalds, We Are Brave
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When people are in danger- love does not stand by to watch
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The Brave and Free are obligated to confront injustice
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Young Americans on the wrong side of history following the Supreme Court marriage ruling
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Lesbian Senator Tammy Baldwin says religious liberty should no longer apply to individuals
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