2012 Year In Review – In Central MN

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   1/5/2013

I didn’t get a chance to write this article before New Year’s, but it is always fun to look back over the year at all the great things the Lord has been doing in Central MN.  

Here are some of the stories we covered in 2012;

Pastor Ryan Conrad Of SolidRock Church Responds To The Sandy Hook School Shooting   

This is an excellent sermon in response to the Sandy Hook School shooting a few weeks ago.   

Re-Live The Birth Of Christ At The Live Nativity Scene At Messiah Lutheran Church  

For 35 years now, Messiah Lutheran Church has hosted this event in the community.     

Avon Community Church Plans To Begin Using New Facility In Time For Christmas 

Avon Community Church expanded with a new larger sanctuary and educational building.  

The 2012 Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast Was A Success 

The Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast was a major success, as the keynote speaker delivered an awesome testimony.

The Christian-Muslim Debate Was Awesome 

The Christian-Muslim debate at SCSU was a great place to see the unmatched reasoning why Christianity is the truth. It was also a great place to witness to students.  

Save A Life, Join The 40 Days For Life Campaign To End Abortion   

The longest Pro-Life campaign in history continued to grow when St. Cloud participated in the ’40 Days for Life’ campaign to end Abortion.  

The Night God Saved Phil Stacey's Life 

The Phil Stacey concert to celebrate the opening of the new Discovery Church’s building was a lot of fun.  The story of how God saved Phil’s life was amazing.  

The Waters Church In Sartell Adds Talented New Youth Pastor 

Pastor Kyle Curran joined the Waters Church as they continue to expand.  

There Are Hundreds Of Reasons To Support The MN Marriage Amendment 

The vote for marriage in MN was only 1 percent short as a lot of people were fooled by a vast marketing campaign that hides the truth with crafty language, and the local media joined in using their influence with several misleading articles throughout the year.  Yet, the truth remains.  

The Pilgrim's Progress Musical Will Be Performing in St Cloud March 7-10th   

The Pilgrim’s Progress Musical was a smash, with over 1,300 viewers.


I hope you enjoyed reading along with us this year. I know there were a lot of other great events that we didn't get a chance to cover.  This is a great ministry to be a part of and there are several ways you could help us.

In 2013, we have even bigger plans to cover even more of the Christian community and expand in the region. If you have a story lead or event or conference or testimony that you want us to consider, just drop us an email.   

Also, six local pastors joined us this year by contributing their own articles and several others are in the process of joining them.  If you are a local pastor and want to contribute an article, just drop us an email.  


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