A Daughter Is Worth Celebrating, At the Daughter-Father Event February 19th

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   2/10/2011

This is the first time that a father-daughter dance has been held in St. Cloud that I can remember.

It is a well known fact that one of the most influential contributions of a young women’s life is her relationship with her father. 

Dr. James Dobson’s new book, “Bringing Up Girls” gives some great insight into how to prepare a young girl to take on the world.  In an age of fatherless families, daughters are looking for fathers that care enough to guide them with love and affirmation.

This event is an opportunity for fathers and daughters to invest in their relationship with each other.

The event will be held at the St Cloud Holiday Inn, Feb 19th, 3:30-10:30pm

One of the speakers will be Mike Heroux.  Mike has five daughters from 9 years to young adult.  He has spoken on father-daughter relationships at men's conferences around the state.

The other speaker will be Molly Sanborn, who is a very exciting and energetic speaker from what I read online about her.

The event will include wonderful speakers, an elegant sit down dinner, dance lesson and ball, a 5x7 picture in photo folder frame, enchanting, enjoyable, and memorable time.

Here is the website for more information


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