A Nation Without Marriage Is A Nation In Despair

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   11/3/2012

The results of the breakdown of the natural family is lifelong poverty and economic collapse, not exactly the liberation it was sold as.  The American public has been lied to about so many things, and although it is tiring to expose each and every one, it must be done.  

The sexual revolution on the 60’s that created the feminist movement of the 90’s is still selling the same snake poison today.   

The idea that natural marriage is restraining and confining, and that children are a burden on the careers of women, is captivated today by leaders like Nanny Pelosi.   

It turns out that these ideas, that go against the natural love that parents have for their children and for each other, do not result is liberation or happiness or wealth – rather, just the opposite.   

It is natural for a young couple to dream about getting married and want to have the best for their children, so much so that they willingly make personal sacrifices for the future of their children and want the fulfillment of a lifelong relationship with their spouse that grows intimate with age. 

The consequences to family breakdown are not liberating, but lifelong poverty

I hear the phrase over and over on talk shows, “What does it matter if people don’t get married anymore or if they get divorced, if that’s what they want to do we should not try to tell them otherwise” 

If the results of family breakdown are not delivering what Hollywood promised it would, then yes, we should be telling them that they have been sold a lie.  And then we should tell them the truth.  

The consequences to family breakdown are poverty, not liberation, but generational poverty.  If you want the best for your children, and you want to enjoy a lifelong relationship with your best friend, that so many people only dream about, then get married and stay married.  

Presidential Despair

When President Obama spoke against natural marriage, his words did not bring hope.  His words put our nation on the path to despair.  

What the President speaks is very important, because he represents the nation. He is the spokesman for our nation to the world and to God.  

Therefore we are accountable for what he speaks because he is speaking on our behalf. Scripture tells us that a nation whose God is the Lord, will be blessed (Psalm 33:12). It also tells us that: "Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth" - 1 Cor 13:6.  

Rejecting evil is part of the definition of love. The bumper sticker that says, "Marriage is love" implies marriage is only about the feelings of love, but this is not true, because true love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth, and the truth reveals that it is our best interest to protect natural marriage in our laws.   

Those that want marriage to be something other than it is do not want to hear about the truth, just as Jesus said in John 3:19.  Love and marriage are not redefinable. The natural family is not the same as any other group of people. They cannot be compared to each other as if they were the same. 

The President who speaks of these things as if they are comparable is a disgrace to our nation and to the God he claims to believe in.  What a shame.  I'm not even sure he believes what he is saying.  The lobbyists have taken over his party and become so powerful that he probably doesn't have much of a choice.   

Shame on President Obama for bringing this disgrace on our land, and what a fool he has become to believe that sexual perversion is something that society should promote. 

President Obama has revealed that he is a man of little faith and little conviction. He speaks like an Atheist, as if God is not alive or active on the earth.  He has no fear of God

Scripture warns us against perverting the grace of God into a license for immorality, which is what President Obama did when he said his Christian faith led him to believe that marriage can be something else.  

To do this is to deny that Jesus is Lord: "pervert the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord" - Jude 1:4.  The President cannot deny that Christ is Lord and believe in the Christian faith.

Those that defend natural marriage are saving the nation from further family breakdown, from further increase in poverty.  If marriage were to become obsolete (by redefining it), the result would be more poverty and greater income inequality. 

One of the best ways to fight poverty is to stop it from happening in the first place, and that is what defending natural marriage does.  If you want to save the next generation from a lifetime of poverty, then get involved in the fight for natural marriage.

Vote 'YES' for the MN Marriage Amendment on November 6th.


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