A Visit With My Legislator Highlights What We Think About Marriage Reveals What We Think About Our Creator

By: Tia Johnson 0 Comments   5/13/2013

I recently met with my legislator regarding the same-sex marriage bill. I live in a district that overwhelmingly (65 percent) supported the marriage amendment last November. However, our representative has declared that he is undecided concerning his vote and seems to be supportive of legalizing same-sex marriage.

So I, my three kids, one other mom and a friend packed inside a minivan and headed to the State Capitol. I told my kids we were going to a modern-day castle to meet with lawmakers. I ended up being the only spokesperson from my district, so I was glad I had prepared a list of talking points and packets of research to pass on to this legislator.

My talking points included support for natural marriage which I wrote of in my previous article with Delight Media: the slippery-slope argument of where this could lead, the impact of various parental structures on children, and the consequences legalizing same-sex marriage would have on religious freedom (ex. flower shops and counselors who refuse to take in business for same-sex weddings because of their religious convictions could be sued).

There are plenty of non-religious reasons to support protection of the current marriage definition in Minnesota. There are also Biblical reasons to support natural marriage. This is not a surprise. Truly, what God commanded really is, according to research and history, best for society!

Yet while we didn't talk about the religious reasons to support natural marriage, I felt that some of our debates would have ended up on that road had we investigated them further. Again, there are plenty of reasons to support natural marriage from a public, societal perspective, but what we intrinsically believe about creation and about life provides the foundation for what we believe about marriage, and all of this is deeply rooted in what we believe about God.

For example, I discussed with my legislator that the purpose of a state-licensed marriage is to legally connect parents to each other and to whatever offspring they might have together.

How important is it to have this connection legally established? I described how states which have legalized same-sex marriage have jeopardized the biological connection a child has with his parents. A child adopted by a same-sex couple might have a birth certificate listing their adoptive "parents" as having "born" this child.

Throw in this scenario the medical interventions to create babies for homosexual couples and weigh your reaction. Does it bother you that life can so easily be manipulated in a lab based upon the desires of gay couples who demand the "right" to have children?

If life can be manipulated as such, how does that impact its sacredness? Before these medical interventions, the natural conception and growth of a child was exclaimed by all as a miracle, and each life was valued as a precious gift. When a child is "ordered up," so-to-speak, it's more like a prize to be concocted. The anticipation is there, but the sacredness is lost.

Then there's the discussion of which parental structure is best for children. The website www.familystructurestudies.com illustrates clearly the implications various family structures (parents who are divorced, lesbian, gay, single parents, and in-tact natural marriages) have on the outcome of a child's involvement in drugs, depression, education, etc. My legislator insisted that this study was erroneous.

He quoted another study which says all a child needs is two loving parents, regardless of the parent's gender, and the outcome of that child is the same as a child from a home with a momnd-dad. "Really?" I asked. "The same? That's a huge red flag for me," I said, referring to the reliability of the study.

After all, how would you have fared had you been raised by two moms or two dads instead of a mom and a dad? "The same" is not possible. I know this is true because of research, but I also know this is true because God designed children to be raised under the umbrella of a mother and father who are committed to each other.

It's hard to ignore this fact-- its pure biology! Our discussion moved on from here, but I felt religious beliefs would have inevitably sprung up had we continued. Were our bodies created, or are they just an accident? If you believe they were created, you're more likely to respect the way in which they were made. (Because of the frailties of this world and the implication of sin, there are cases in which naturally bringing forth children is not physically possible, but these exceptions do not deny the obvious differences and connections God has designed within us.)

And when you get right down to it, God biologically designed our bodies to match what He relationally designed for family relationships!

My legislator raised the discrimination factor against a few of my points. So I brought forth the argument from the Nevada courts, which said that promoting marriage as one-man-with-one-woman is not discrimination because marriage has existed that way for thousands of years.

It was not created to discriminate against a group of people. It was created simply because of the biology of our bodies. At what point do our own wishes (to marry whomever we want) clash with what is best for society? Often. As a child, I wanted a candy bar from the grocery store, so I stole it. Should I have made a case supporting my natural desires to have candy and my right to take it? Would that have been best for society? No, no!

What we deep-down believe about how we were created, who is responsible for the giving of life, and who we answer to morally provides the foundation for our views toward same-sex marriage.

The more I discuss this issue with others, the more I realize that this is beneficially introspective debate.

It forces us to look deep down into the roots of our faith and come to terms with who God is. Again, there are plenty of reasons to support natural marriage from a societal perspective. But as we dig, it forces us to answer the hard ethical questions about life.


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