American Teens Are Beginning To Realize That Pop Culture Is Out To Destroy Them and Their Families

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   2/15/2011

In a shocking interview in GQ Magazine, published Feb. 22, Billy Cyrus said the Disney TV show “Hannah Montana” destroyed his family, causing his divorce and sending his daughter into a dangerous path.

When asked if he would take it all back, Billy Cyrus said,

"I hate to say it, but yes, I do. Yeah. I'd take it back in a second." "For my family to be here and just be everybody OK, safe and sound and happy and normal, would have been fantastic. Heck, yeah. I'd erase it all in a second if I could."

Here is the yahoo article.

Cyrus and his wife, Tish, filed for divorce in October. They have three kids together — Miley is the oldest — and two from Tish's previous marriage.

American Teens Want Virginity Back

In another related story, the results from an online teen poll by international Christian children's ministry OneHope found that 70 percent rejected the practice of “living together” before marriage and 61 percent said they would like to be a virgin on their wedding day.

Teens have seen the results of liberal sexuality and how it has destroyed many of their families and the families of their friends.   This could be the beginning of a revolution back to the values found in Christianity as teens reject pop culture and look for reasons to understand what went wrong. 

The pop culture taught by the media and entertainment industry profits by selling the youth the idea that they should ‘live without boundaries’, but the results are hard to ignore.  The more the pop culture sells it's ideas the higher the divorce rate.

True love is only found in intimacy and intimacy is created by limiting what your share with someone else by willingly restraining yourself.  Love is not free, it will cost you something and the greater the cost the greater the bond it becomes.  God showed us the greatness of his love for us by giving up his Son's life for ours.

Love does not exist within the pop culture idea of ‘living without boundaries’, but by giving up something that is precious to you in exchange for something greater then what you had by yourself – like a marriage.  

In the same way God does not want to limit our freedom by living within his commands, but he wants us to discover the greatest freedom and joy that the world will even known when we become intimate in our relationship with him.

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