Anti-Bullying Bills Aim To Redefine Morality By Using Public Schools To Target Children

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   3/31/2014

Up until 1963 the Bible was used in public schools across America to teach children many things, such as reading, grammar, history, and also as a moral standard.  

The 1963 ruling basically said that the Bible could not be used as a moral standard because it represented a religion and according to their interpretation of the constitution, the state cannot endorse a religion.  

It was a slow and gradual process, but over time each graduating class had less and less understanding of moral standards.  Today most people have been made to believe that the public schools today are teaching a neutral worldview and we are better because we have separated the “church and state”.  In actuality, what we have done is replace the biblical worldview with an evolutionary humanistic worldview – which by default has become the state-sponsored “religion”.  

The problem of course is that the public schools are a mess and the deterioration of our children continues to worsen each year, with an increase in things like drugs, teen pregnancy, dropouts, suicides, etc.  The future of America is in trouble when our education is compared against other nations of the world.    

We have come a long way since 1963.  

The MN legislators have taken note of how our failing government run the school system and for decades they have continued to pour more and more money into the system, draining the wealth from the nation without seeing much change.   

This year they have decided to try a different approach.   

Rather than reconsider the decision in 1963, the MN legislators have created an Anti-Bullying Bill with its goal to re-establish a moral standard that is determine and enforced by the state.   

The MN Child Protection League described the bill as doing just that, creating a state controlled moral standard for all of society.  On their website, here is what they say;  

“HF826 is a bill to bring the attitudes, values, and beliefs of all children into one universal set of attitudes, values, and beliefs through bullying children to surrender their own family values and violating their conscience. “ 

The MN Family Council also points out that “Current state law requires that each school district have a bullying policy”, so this bill is redundant and clearly being leveraged for another reason besides requiring schools to have a bullying policy.   

This bill has already passed the MN House and is going to be considered by the MN Senate later this year.   It sounds a lot like the combination of “church and state”.  If we make morality something that is determined by the government rather than churches and parents, than we have a state endorsed religion.  

This bill is a deceptive trick.  Rather then stop bullying, it will be the bully.  It will be used to bully teachers, students and parents with what will be tolerated as right/wrong.  In other words, since we have no moral standard with which to determine what is right/wrong in the schools today and the government does not want to leave that up to the parents' moral standards, they are going to use this legislation to define morality for all of society.  

This bill is a framework to create a moral standard defined and enforced by the government – the foundation of a theocracy.  The public does not remember that just a few years ago the people behind this bill are the same ones that claimed schools cannot teach a moral standard because they come from religion.  Yet, here they are 50 years later using the public schools as a means to redefine morality for all of society based on their religion of secular humanism rather then Christianity.    

This is what happens when a nation removes the Bible as its moral standard.  You have to replace it with something.  There is no such thing as a neutral moral standard that has no religious affiliations; you have to pick one. The only real question is which religion's moral standard you are going to pick.    

Here is a video about the MN Anti-Bully Bill:

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