Can You Buy A Homeschool Education?

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   10/10/2014

Educating the next generation is one of the largest expenses of every nation, and the US public schools are failing, both in educating students and in doing it affordably. 

The tax burden to pay for the public school system is already much higher than society can pay, as the national debt continues to rise.  

Parents across the nation are increasingly looking for alternatives. Options like charter schools, private schools and homeschooling are seeing major increases as a result. 

But in some cases, charter schools aren’t much different than public schools, and private schools put all the financial burden on the parents, which leaves homeschooling looking like the best option.

In one state the number of homeschoolers has now surpassed the number of students attending private schools. Homeschooling has increased 27 percent in North Carolina over the past two years.  

A look at the national ACT scores quickly shows that homeschooling produces the best academic results and for the lowest costs.  The average cost of homeschooling per year is $500-$600, while the public and private schools cost as much as $10,000-$20,000. 

These are not the only reasons parents decide to homeschool their children, but they are compelling.

But what if you have money, and want the best for your child, but don’t want the lifestyle changes that homeschooling demands?  Can you buy a homeschool education?

Yes, and no.

There is a growing number of homeschoolers that are moving away from the traditional homeschooling routine of doing everything at home. Rather than staying home, they are joining together throughout the community to help make the educational process easier and more adventurous. They form co-ops, attend field trips, enjoy study groups, hands-on-science experiments, team sports, speech, chess clubs – the list goes on and on.  And these are not just ‘extra’ curricular activities. 

They can include the major subjects of a student’s curriculum, such as classes on writing, math, spelling, science and history. But there is a catch; these things take time and money, which can push the cost of homeschooling up to $1000-$4000. These new services are also enriching the homeschool education and helping parents continue homeschooling all the way through high-school. 

These expanding homeschool services are giving parents a way to hire out a homeschool education.  

But some of the benefits of homeschooling just cannot be bought. For example, you can’t buy someone as willing as a parent to work with a child through the subjects they struggle with.  No teacher is better than a parent.  You cannot buy the social and emotional care that only a parent can give a child.  And you cannot buy the influence and lifetime friendships that form with siblings that homeschoolers gain when they spend time with each other at home.  And you cannot buy the influence children gain by the friendships they form with other homeschoolers that share many of the same advantages and values.  No amount of money can buy these things.

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