CBMC Invites You to a Luncheon with Guest Speaker and Professional Leadership Trainer Larry Hillman

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   2/21/2011

The Christian Business Men’s Committee (CBMC) of St. Cloud are best known for hosting the annual majors prayer breakfast at the St. Cloud Civic Center, in which Dave from Famous Dave’s Restaurants was the keynote speaker this year.

Besides the mayor’s prayer breakfast, CBMC organizes several small group bible studies throughout St. Cloud and they host several Luncheons’ throughout the year with guest speakers from local business leaders.

The Luncheon's are a great place to network with fellow Christian business leaders who share the higher call to serve Jesus Christ above their careers. The Luncheon is also a great opportunity to share the testimony of Jesus Christ with fellow colleges.

As far as I can remember, the message of salvation is given and the opportunity to become born again as Jesus said we all must do, is always given.  So this is a chance to bring your business colleges who may never have heard the clear message of Jesus Christ.

The Luncheon is on Tuesday, March 1st, at 12:00 (noon) – 1:00pm, at the Eagle’s Club in St. Cloud and the cost is $10.00 to pay for the meal.

The Guest speaker, Larry Hillman, is an International speaker, trainer, coach and author.  Hear this compelling story of how his life traveled from extreme highs, to extreme lows.  From active pastor’s son, to wild child, to alcoholic, you’ll want to follow the transitional story of how you too can change a life from one of hate and anger, into one of love and valuing others.  Here is Larry's LinkedIn page.

Talking with Larry, he said; “My entire message is about relationships, relationships with people and relationship with the Lord”.  Larry has learned that relationships are the most important strategy, because you cannot be the best without highly motivated people and the number one method for motivating people is to show them that you value them.

Larry has also just completed his first book, “The Baggage Handler“, which is a story about a CEO who struggles with overreacting to negative things in his business, until one day when he meets a baggage handler at the airport that changes his life.  "The Baggage Handler" will be available at the end of March.  

If you plan on attending the CBMC Luncheon and hear Larry speak an RSVP is not necessary, however it helps with the food count – 320-230-7500.


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