Chi Alpha Annual Great Plains Regional Conference SALT 2011

By: Ryan Atkins 0 Comments   2/5/2011

Beginning the sixth of January, 23 individuals connected to St Cloud States chapter of Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, directed themselves southwest towards Sioux Falls, SD to join roughly 600 hundred other college students for Chi Alphas annual Great Plains regional conference , SALT.

Evangelist and former Chi Alpha campus missionary Sean Smith was the main speaker for the second consecutive year.

Smith, from Oakland CA, brought a message of hope for a true spiritual revival similar to the days of the Great Awakenings and Azusa Street revival.

According to Smith revival is “a sudden manifestation of God, where His presence goes with each of us.”

Dave Martin, the St Cloud Chi Alpha, director had heard Smith before, and once again came away enjoying the messages spoken by him.

“I love Sean Smith. One of the most genuine speakers I have heard and seen,” Martin said. “He operates in the power of the Holy Spirit, yet is the most down-to-earth person you'll ever meet. He is gifted and yet doesn't use his gifts to boast but to pour out to others.”

Brittney Moffatt, a first time attender was impacted by what Smith shared and the conference as a whole.

“Sean Smith was an amazing speaker,” Moffatt said. “His message on revival was motivating and powerful...”

Martin does believe a revival can even happen in the St Cloud area.

“I believe much of the foundation and groundwork has been laid here at SCSU for revival to happen,” martin said. "Revival is simply God's abiding visitation to a people and place...but when He abides with us, there is constant activity of the grace, power, salvation, righteousness, truth, mercy, etc. of God in a place. There is a hunger and passion in students for this abiding presence of God like I've never seen. And I've been around the college setting since the late 80's. Believing students are seeking God in prayer-humbling themselves and spending time together interceding for their campus. They are digging into the Word and living it out...Revival, God's visitation, is coming if we continue to seek Him, hear from Him and then do what He asks.”

Moffatt is one, who during the course of the weekend began desiring the abiding presence of God that Martin spoke of.

“I honestly did not think I could have this type of personal relationship with God,” Moffatt said. “Before attending SALT ...I prayed when I found time, I attended Chi Alpha when I found time, and I considered myself to be a person with with good morals. However, after leaving SALT, I have learned that my past relationship (with God) was simply not enough. As a result, I gave up many of my bad choices from the past and started to really focus on my relationship with God.”

Here is the SALT website for more information.

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