Christian Mentors Are In Great Need

By: Sonia Eizenhoefer 0 Comments   10/9/2013

Now more than ever mentors are needed in the church. Because of the deterioration of the family unit many people in the last few generations haven’t had good role models.

So both men and women don’t know how to be. Then with the homosexual agenda to blur the differences between male and female it has brought much confusion.   

Mentor: noun 1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. 2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter. verb (used without object) 3. to act as a mentor: She spent years mentoring to junior employees. verb (used with object) 4. to act as a mentor to: The brash young executive did not wish to be mentored by anyone (Mirriam Webster Dictionary online). 

With this definition one would tend to think that a mentor should be older or wiser, but that isn’t always the case. A mentor could be a person that is a few steps ahead of another in an area that the other person needs to grow. We don’t need to make mentoring about age or being superior than others. It’s simply about helping others to grow and mature in their areas of weakness. Those that need a mentor could use help with learning about the Christian life, like a disciple of Jesus Christ, but it’s even more than that.

Because of the broken families many people in this generation need to learn more about daily life, along with the bible, and being a Christian. Some may need to learn how to be a loving spouse. Then they could use help with parenting. Also they could use coaching with household duties, finances, etc… the list goes on and on. Children who come from broken homes didn’t have good role models to be a good husband or wife as well as a good father or mother and even those who had both parents might not have had good examples in those areas. This isn’t to blame the parents for what is lacking, most of the time parents can’t give what they don’t have.   

Men might need help in fixing things around the house, the basics of how to maintain a car, and maybe even learn a trade.  This will help the next generation of men to be more successful. Here is a great example of what mentoring could look like: When we teach others a way to make a living the blessings will keep on flowing.  

Women not only need help with their children, but they also could use help in the kitchen with cooking, and cleaning the home. Women need to learn how to be- [Parenting is hard enough by itself, but it’s even harder when you’ve never seen it modeled well before you].  

This is hard to understand if for those who have grown up in a home with the same two parents and had a good upbringing. This current generation has grown up with blended families and could have been raised by single parents. In these situations there isn’t a lot of stability and normal things that should have been learned in the home were probably missed.  

Years ago women lived in more of a community with each other. When they didn’t work outside of the home there was more time to visit with other women and learn from each other. Families lived closer together and watched each others children. Today families are so isolated.  

Many times when we hear mentors in the church we think it’s about teaching those younger than us about the bible. Yes, that’s needed too, but it doesn’t stop there. People need to learn the practical things as well. The things that many of us take for granted, not realizing how easy it would be to take one person under their wing and model what to do. 

The biggest sacrifice one would have to give as a mentor is time. But the time given will be well worth it. When one gives of themselves to others they’ll receive so much; a friendship that could last many years. There is also more purpose for your life when one pours into others instead of just taking care of oneself. It also makes the mundane more fun. Besides we are to give away what we have been given. Don’t worry about giving time and energy, God will replace the energy given. It says in God’s word that we need to give freely what we have been given: Mathew 10:8 “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give (NKJ). If we don’t give away the things that the Lord has given to us we will become stagnant.  

It’s important to use healthy boundaries with those that are mentored. Structure the time to be given to another person or couple. Would once a week be ideal, biweekly, or maybe give only a couple of hours a month. Believe it or not even being there for others monthly is huge for those that struggle. Without these supports or skills learned many families or single adults just continue struggle along and try to learn on their own or they might never learn.  

Could this be why so many new converts are not added to the church?  They go into the church and never receive the help they need and never come back. It’s time to go beyond the surface and be real with our neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family. We need to be transparent and allow those around us to see how we have struggled as well as show them how the Lord has brought us victory. Isn’t that what Jesus did with His disciples?  

All of us need to pray about this to see if any of us could open up our hearts and mentor someone. We all have probably needed a mentor at one time or another. We need to seek God about if we need one now. We also need to pray for God to encourage more people to be willing to work in this capacity, because we want to help the new converts to be successful in all areas of life, right? Then they can follow our example and help others. Could mentoring be what Jesus was talking about in Matthew 9:38?  “Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest (NKJ).”  

After all isn’t our goal as Christians to walk in love, and our time given is love. We want to help others in the body of Christ to have phenomenal families not dysfunctional ones; that way our churches can be more successful too.

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