Does Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Give Freedom Or Take Freedom Away?

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   3/7/2013

More and more people seem to be willing to trade what they know is true for what they know is a lie. They are willingly allowing themselves to believe that natural marriage laws discriminate against people that want to get married.

It sounds like the right thing to do; to give everyone the same legal benefits and wonder why not, if it will not change anything for anyone else or affect anyone else’s marriage.

And those that oppose it are thought of as using their religious beliefs against others to have the freedoms they have. 

The problem is, of course, that this is just not true. 

Same-sex marriage is not something that any society can offer its citizens, without giving up everyone's freedoms. 

State sponsored same-sex marriage and freedom cannot co-exist, which is why no free nation can provide this additional legal provision without giving up its freedoms. 

State sponsored same-sex marriage makes the state legally responsible to defend its laws to promote and defend same-sex marriage, which is an immoral law. 

So the state becomes legally responsible to promote an immoral position above any other moral positions in family, education, business, government or religion.  State sponsored same-sex marriage puts the state in direct conflict with many of its own laws that are based on morality. 

When a state legalizes same-sex marriage is begins a long legal battle against the laws that support freedom.  With time, the same-sex marriage laws are used to attack the laws that protect the freedoms that the state is supposed to protect.

Freedom and liberty are rooted in morality, which come from religious teachings.  Once same-sex marriage is legal, it begins a 10-20 year legal battle against those laws, which result in a society giving up its freedoms and liberties.

For example, here are a few videos that show how other nations have lost their freedoms.

Look at the freedoms lost in Canada:

Here is a longer video of Canada leaders warning MN to avoid the drastic loss of freedom they have experienced since same-sex marriage became legal in 2005.

Here is a look at some of the freedoms lost in Europe:

What people want is for morality to not matter.  They want for there to be no consequences for their behavior. They want to live however they want without any restraints and they want everyone else to enforce how they live.

But no matter what the majority of the people think or what a religious teacher says does not matter, morality is a reality. Morality is like gravity. We cannot get away from it. 

And all laws contain moral guidances to the public.  So to say that one group should be allowed to have laws for their ideas of morality, and another group should have laws for their ideas of morality, makes it impossible for the state to defend both ideas. 

No nation can defend the freedom of its people unless its laws remain based on the true morality that has been given by our Creator.  Morality does not come from the people or government, nor does freedom and liberty.  Without government laws that support the morality given by our Creator, freedom and liberty cannot be defended, because there is no other foundation for freedom.

Here is a look at the benefits of a nation that promote natural marriage;

Natural marriage perpetuates and stabilizes society, in which everyone benefits from, even those that don’t get married. This is why the best position for a government to take, is to promote and reward natural marriage. 

Today is "March For Marriage" day at the Capital in MN.

March 7, Lobby Day & Rally
 State Capitol, St. Paul, 2 – 5 p.m.
 Rally starts at 2:30 p.m. in the Capitol Rotunda
Join Minnesota for Marriage, fellow Minnesotans, Brian Brown (President, National Organization for Marriage), Professor Teresa Collett, Pastor Roger Thompson, and other inspirational speakers to be revealed shortly as we STAND TOGETHER in support of marriage as the union of ONE MAN + ONE WOMAN!

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