Don't Be Deceived, The Church Has Not Failed Nor Will It Fail

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   8/2/2012

In the age of great deception, this is yet another deceptive idea that has a growing number of people believing in.  The reason the world is falling apart is not because the church has failed in any way.

There are several reasons why people fall into this deceptive idea. 

The first mistake is to think that the Christian label makes someone a believer in Christ.  The real ‘church’ is made up of those that believe that Jesus is Lord.

This is not easy to do because although it is easy to say you are a Christian it is very difficult to actually believe that Jesus is Lord.  One of the best explanations of this is in John MacArthur's book "Hard to Believe".

To believe Jesus in Lord is to believe that his Word is true, he is on the throne sovereignly ruling the universe in which we live in and he is coming back to fulfill every promise he made. 

To believe Jesus is Lord is to humble ourselves and trust him even when we don’t understand.  We do this by following his commands – his moral standards.  To follow any other moral standard is to deny that Jesus is Lord.  (Jude 1:4)

Scripture does not tell us that the church will fail at any time in history.  Instead, it tells us that the church is going to be purified and radiant as the return of Christ approaches, like a bride gets ready for her wedding day. (Matt 25)

The second mistake is to think that the church is responsible for the growing wickedness in the world.

If the church failed and is responsible for the growing wickedness in the world, then how could the Lord fulfill his promise to come back and judge the wicked?  If this were true, then wouldn’t the Lord need to come back to judge the church for the sins of the world?

If this were true, the Lord would not be just and if he was not just his Kingdom would not be able to stand forever.   If this were true, the Lord would not be who he says he is in the scriptures.  To believe that the church is responsible for the evil of the world is to believe that Jesus is not the Lord.

Although the Lord allows us to share in his glory by sharing the gospel, the responsibility of the salvation of the world is the Lord’s.  He alone is capable of saving.  

The wicked like to point figures at the church to appeal to their own conscious that tells them they have sinned against that Lord.  It is the age old game of blaming someone else. Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the snake, but the Lord held each one accountable for their sin just as he will for us.

The third mistake is to think that because the church is responsible for the wickedness of the world that the church must give all they have to make up for it.

This is the progression of how the thoughts of the wicked betray them.  When we refuse to repent of our sin, we begin by blaming someone else which progresses into hatred towards those that have repented and are living free of sin because they are a daily reminder of the guilt of our own sin. 

To believe this way of thinking is to join them in believing that the wealth of the righteous should be stripped away from them and given to others.  There are many ways to do this, whether by unreasonable high taxes or by stealing through inflation or by forcefully taking money from a nation by driving them into debt – all in the name of good intentions to feed the needy that the righteous are responsible for.

This way of thinking is not found in the scriptures.  Scripture tells us to be wise by working hard to save our money so that we can have enough to give to the needy, not having to borrow from anyone.

It is not faith to give away what you do not have.  It is unbelief that the scriptures are true, which is denying that Jesus is Lord.

The wicked have tricked many kind hearted Christians into giving what we do not have. They target Christians for this weakness on purpose because it is effective. Scripture warns many times that this is the strategy of the wicked to "slip in among you" (Jude 1) and lead many astray.

This is why it is so important to repent of our sins, because if we do not repent we begin to reason with sin which always results in a disaster.

When we repent of our sins, we can stand firm and stop believing that envying the rich or taxing the churches is the answer to our problems. These ideas are not of sound mind. In fact they are against scripture. Envy does not create wealth, it destroys it.


The reason the world is falling apart and the reason for a growing animosity towards believers is because of nothing less than the increase of wickedness. (Matt 24:12).

The church has the answer, but because of unbelief that Jesus is Lord the world refuses to repent and are instead driven by guilt to blame and plunder the church.

Be careful not to fall into this way of thinking, but instead “take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” – 2 Cor. 10:5

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