Ever Wonder Why Ridicule and Mockery Has No Power Against Christianity?

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   2/27/2013

Some people make their living mocking and ridiculing Christianity, like late-night talk show host Bill Maher.

Ever wonder why people don’t build careers mocking other religions, or why Christianity is such an easy target that society seems to target for criticism?

Critics who ignore the clear and ever present evidence all around us tell themselves this is because Christianity is for the weak minded.  They reason that if Christianity were true, people would defend it.


What they don’t seem to realize is that because Christianity is true, it does not need to be defended by political power or by force.  This is one of the ways that sets Christianity apart.  Its claims are self-defendable. 

If we follow the reason given by the critics that Christianity must not be true because it is not well defended, then we would have to agree that other religions that are defended by force must contain truth.  But by definition, truth is not determined by whether it is well defended or not.  Therefore to claim that Christianity is not true just because it is not well defended is absurd.  

So rather than Christianity being for the weak minded, it is just the opposite. It is for the sound minded and the rational. The mockers are the ones that have no evidence to prove their claims, and refuse to take an honest look at the evidence. 

How Christ Responded

A look at how Christ responded to his mockers is quite interesting.  He said, “pray for your enemies”, “do good to those that persecute you”.  (Matt 5:44)

No other religious leader in the world responded this way.  Christ is unique.  Critics think it is strange to respond this way, but if they knew Christ they would understand the rationale for this response.  And because this is how Christ told Christians to repond, it is not strange to find Christians responding this way. 

It would be strange to find Christians responding any other way.  This is not a weak minded response, but just the opposite - a strong minded response. This is a response of complete control and authority over the earth and everything in it.  

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." – 2 Tim 1:7

Just as interesting is how Christ and followers responded to criticism.  Again, Christianity is unique in its response to ridicule. 

For example, in Acts 17:11, the apostles were teaching the people of Berea.  But they didn’t believe it just because they heard it, they searched the scriptures to see if the things they were taught were indeed true.  Rather than discouraging them to look for proof, the apostles welcomed their critique because they were living testimonies to the truth.  They knew the scriptures would testify to their teachings. 

The only reason someone would not want their doctrine tested by the scriptures is if they feared it may not be true and the Word of God would shine a light on it and expose it.

Even Bill Maher Points To Christ

When criticized, some religions respond with, “Yep, you're right.  There is no evidence for the gods we worship or the claims of our doctrine, therefore we don’t claim to have the truth.”

While other respond with, “How dare you question the lack of evidence to support our doctrine, we choose to ignore the missing pieces and contradictions in our doctrine, and will defend our faith by force to protect it.”  

These are the two most common responses.

  1. Either they admit their doctrine is full of holes (not true) or;
  2. They protect their doctrine from questioning by force.

Christianity is unique in its response by saying, "go ahead and look at the evidence," or "take your best shot." or “try to prove Christ is not who he said he is.”  The trouble is that no one can.  Many have tried, but no one has proven Christianity to be wrong.  It is defendable on its own.  It does not need a powerful dictator to force people to believe in its claims. 

The stories of Christ are irrefutable, backed by eye witness testimonies and historical records – that Jesus lived, had the power of God by the miracles he performed, was crucified and was resurrected from the dead.

The reason Christianity can handle criticism is because it is impossible to prove false. Truth is self-defendable.

The Lord does amazing things, things that will challenge your mind and give you more to think about than anything else in the universe.  One of those things I like to ponder is that whether you know him or not, either way he is revealed and glorified by you.  

Whether you believe in God and give him glory, or you mock him and ridicule him without being able to prove your claims against him - you are revealing that he is the truth. This is how even Bill Maher reveals that Christ is the truth.


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