Ex-gay Communities Prove Christ Was Right - Sinful Behavior Can Be Overcome

By: Tia Johnson 0 Comments   1/6/2014

The ex-gay community shows it’s possible to experience victory over sin. That’s great news, yet their story is hardly tolerated.

Voice of the Voiceless, a group formed to defend the rights of former homosexuals, cancelled their gathering in Washington, D.C. last July because of threats from homosexual activists. They had to reschedule their event for a later date at an undisclosed location, as reported by World Magazine’s J.C. Derrick.

“(The president of VOV) called it ‘unfortunate’ that gay extremists want tolerance only for people who agree with them,” World reported.

I can see why the story of an ex-gay would make homosexual activists uncomfortable. It shoots down the argument that their condition is permanently ingrained into their DNA. Hearing the testimony of an ex-gay would incredibly challenge their platform. It would raise the question, “Is my lifestyle a choice?” and then, “Am I making the right choice?”

The testimony of an ex-gay proves that it’s possible to make the choice to be free from sexual sin. What about other sins? Is it possible to be free from any habitual, life-long sin which I had thought was just part of who I was? Yes!

I've been there. About a year ago, I recognized patterns of thinking that were not only sinful, but also habitual. I shockingly came to terms with the fact that these sinful patterns of thinking had been rolling through my mind since I was a young girl and had ballooned when I had kids. Up until then, I had coined my condition as part of my personality, part of who I was. However, though these weren't sexual thoughts, they were equally sinful, and they needed to be addressed.

I finally developed the tenacity to say to God that I'd had enough. He is continually faithful to bring us out of sin, but I had reached the point where I was equally tenacious; I wasn't going to stop until this was done.

I took Beth Moore's advice from her "Believing God" study. She wrote down scriptures pertaining to areas that needed prayer and prayed with these scripture cards on a regular basis: one card pertained to her children, another to her husband, etc. I needed surgical prayer- brain surgery, in a sense, over my thoughts, so I pursued scriptures addressing the sinful thoughts in my life.

This was a long process and required numerous prayer breaks during the day. (My kids got used to Mamma breaking away to pray.) The truth was, I could barely make it to breakfast without feeling the urgent need to pray and initially stepped away hourly just to stay afloat. Each time I knelt I refocused upon what scripture said and told God that He was the only one who could help me. I desperately needed and relied upon Him, so I begged for His grace and His mighty power to turn my thoughts around and protect me. I left my prayer time with my burdens in His hands and began to grow to trust that whatever God willed, I would embrace, I just wanted to be in the center of His will.

Over time and many, many bends of the knee, I found victory. I began to embrace what I realized was a much healthier way of thinking and came to a greater understanding of what God really calls me to. My prayers also changed. I began prioritizing spiritual things over physical and eventually spent more time praying for others than myself. The temptation to dip into my old cycles of thinking still exists, but with God I continue to find victory. The changes truly are a work of my GREAT GOD.

Facing these spiritual battles is not for the weak. I'm sure those who have fought the battle of sexual sin would say the same thing. Yet what a great testimony we are as we walk in victory. Often this victory is fought over a lifetime, yet the winner is clear: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. This man who conquered death can conquer your battle with sin. When the battle is tough, have the tenacity to fight faithfully, because we know in the end who wins. 

Psalm 130 excerpts: "Out of the depths I cry to you, Lord... with You there is forgiveness... my whole being waits, and in His word I put my hope... He Himself will redeem Israel from all their sins." (NIV) (italics added)


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