Focus on the Family Date Night Challenge

By: Amanda Mattingly 0 Comments   2/7/2012

Reservations are made, money is spent, flowers are delivered and gifts are given. Valentine’s Day floods the stores with pink and red decor while the words “I love you” are fervently flowing out of the mouths of those who are saturated by love.

Instead of following the typical trends that this holiday tempts the hearts of those in love to be a part of, Focus on the Family has offered a new idea of how to spend this Valentine’s Day.

They are hosting an event called Date Night Challenge, where they are encouraging couples (both married and non-married) to make their relationships a priority in 2012.

“It’s part of a worldwide movement to challenge couples to put their relationships at the top of the priority list,” according to Focus on the Family.

This worldwide event is provided for any church that is interested. With over 300 churches already signed up throughout the country, thousands of people are making the decision to make this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable and timeless event.

The evening will be filled with a comedy act by well-known comedian Jeff Allan, music by artist Michael O’Brien, and an encouraging talk from bestselling authors Greg and Erin Smalley with Rev. Samuel Rodriguez. Each church that participates in the event has the ability to choose any date ranging from February 7 through February 14 to host their event. Focus on the Family is also encouraging churches to go an extra mile by providing childcare and any other festivities, such as dinner or dessert, to further enhance the evening.

“Instead of celebrating for one evening (Valentine’s Day), we want to encourage couples to use the entire month of February to rejuvenate their marriage,” Focus on the Family said.

The talk that will be giving is revolving around the importance of dating your mate. Dating is a concept that should not end after the marriage vows are spoken and the rings are placed on each spouses’ left finger. It is important to remain dating throughout your lifetime; research shows that this helps to keep a marriage strong.

Therefore, this event encourages couples to not only date on Valentine’s Day, but to go on three dates in three weeks with this Date Night Challenge event being the first.

After this first date, Focus on the Family will provide the materials for the next two dates in February as well as one free date night guide download each month for the next year to help encourage continuous dating for couples. This challenge is part of a movement that holds the goal of 5 million dates in the month of February.

Focus on the Family recorded that 92 percent of those who participated in this same challenge in the year of 2010 resulted in greater satisfication in their dating and married relationships. So what do you do now if you want to get involved?

Share this news with your local church and have your pastor or church leaders sign up for the event. The cost of the event for an entire church and its community is only $125, which provides all of the materials necessary for the successful event. The only equipment the church will need to present the evening is a computer, a projector, and a high-speed Internet connection.

While much of society is celebrating the holiday with roses, chocolates, and expensive outings, celebrate with your loved one by making a commitment for 2012. By choosing to make a commitment to keep your marriage healthy and strong, this Valentine’s Day can be one that you and your spouse will never forget.

Through this challenge, be encouraged to experience the excitement of dating again while keeping God as the priority of your relationship. What better way to spend this Valentine’s Day than by committing to the one you love while also honoring the God who gives us love by participating in this Date Night Challenge.

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