Fundraiser to Assist Local SCSU Ivory Coast Students

By: Ryan Atkins 0 Comments   5/11/2011

Due to the violence centered in the Ivory Coast, banks have been closed; meaning money cannot enter or vacate the Ivory Coast.

To learn more about the Ivory Coast story and its effects on local SCSU students, consider reading my five part article series.

The military operations and unrest have left numerous students from the Ivory Coast unable to receive funding from their parents, which is used to assist with tuition and other living expenses. Sadly, this leaves the students with the inability to pay their tuition.

SCSU has rules that prevent international students from working off campus. Students are able to apply for a waiver, yet the application process could fill up much of the summer break, which is prime working time as the students are free from academic stresses.

To assist these international students, Jubilee Worship Center will be hosting, “A Night in Ivory Coast” Friday May 13, 2011.  According to the Facebook invite this event will consist of “...traditional African food. African drum and dancing, traditional songs from Africa about the Glory of God, an introspective look into the history of a people torn apart by colonial powers, followed by God’s testimony of His redeeming power over that nation.“

Jubilee Senior Pastor, Mark Johnson, enthusiastically opened the church doors to assist these students.

“I was approached by two students, one of them from the Ivory Coast, who shared with me the need as well as the idea of doing a benefit,” Johnson said. “My heart went out to the students whose families are in danger because of the war in the Ivory Coast, and who haven't been able to get money for their tuition being the banks in the Ivory Coast have been closed. I was glad to be a part of such an event.”

Fourth year student, Melvina Sackey, was one of the students who approached Johnson.

“The reason for this banquet is to raise funds for students impacted by the war in the Ivory Coast,” Sackey said. “As a victim of a civil war, I know what it's like to be in fear for your life, lose everything; homes, money etc. The point of “A Night in Ivory Coast” is to raise tuition funds for the Ivorian students impacted by the war in the Ivory Coast...because every person should be afforded the opportunity to not only to obtain and education, but to also complete their education. It will be such a disappointment for anyone to come this far and not be able to finish school.”

In addition to assisting the students financially this evening will serve as a way for Americans to understand another culture, while making new friends. Johnson has numerous international students attending Jubilee and believes that each person would benefit by knowing these students.

“It would be good if Americans could spend more time getting to know these students and hearing their stories,” Johnson said. "They are wonderful, bright young adults who make tremendous sacrifices (as do their families) to come to America to further their education. We have much to learn from them, especially in matters of faith, sacrifice and their strong sense of family. I feel we are very privileged to have them a part of the Jubilee family.”

Sackey believes there are few different possibilities to assist the Ivorian students.

“Coming to “A Night in the Ivory Coast” and donating to help sponsor the students so that they can remain in the USA and finish school,” Sackey said. “A second way would be to befriend a student from the Ivory Coast, Pray for them and educate yourself on the situation.”

Tickets for this event  are $10 for students, $15 for adults, $ 3 for kids 10 and under.

The “A Night in Ivory Coast” will be held Friday May 13, 2011 from 6:30 PM until 9 pm at Jubilee Worship Center, 3125 CR 74, St Cloud, MN 56301

If you are unable to attend and would like to bless a student from the Ivory Coast by making a donation, please mail your contribution to Jubilee Worship Center, 3125 CR 74, St Cloud, MN 56301, writing Ivory Coast in the memo of the check.

Any questions or a desire to pre-order a ticket contact Melvina Sackey at 612-203-4974

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