Going Deeper Ten Week Worldview Class At Harvest Fellowship

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   3/3/2013

SAUK RAPIDS – A few weeks ago Pastor Larry Siekawitch of Harvest Fellowship in Sauk Rapids began a 10 week course on the Christian Worldview. This is an excellent opportunity to gain the knowledge needed to lead others to Christ.

When someone asks a question about your Christian faith that you cannot answer, what do you do?

You can say, “I don’t know”, but if you say that for every question it will quickly become apparent that you don’t really know what you believe or why you are even a Christian.

If you say, “Let me ask someone else”, then you are saying that you don’t know but someone else who has spent more time studying than you have does. This is better, but when you only have a few minutes with someone that you don’t see very often, you may not have time to get back to them.

And most likely if they are asking you something about your faith, they are not someone that you spend a lot of time with or they would have already discussed this with you.

It could be someone that you have known for a long time and the subject finally came up or they have been watching how you live and have observed that you have a different worldview than other people, so they are curious about the origin of your worldview.

In any case, the ability to answer questions about your Christian faith is one of the most important ways in which we are a witness to those around us. So anyone that wants to win people to Christ, one of the best ways to do that is to increase our knowledge of the most common questions and answers people are asking today.  

One of the first things people notice about Christians is that they have a completely difference worldview.  The worldview the Jesus taught was so radically different from any other the world is still trying to understand it.  

I had the chance to ask Pastor Larry a few questions about his Worldview class at Harvest Fellowship Church in Sauk Rapids, which began Sunday Feb 17 from 6-8:00pm and will continue every Sunday until April 28th.  

Here are my questions and Pastor Larry’s responses; 

1. What is a Worldview and why would someone want to have one?

A worldview is the way one views the world, which affects their mind, affections and will. Everyone has a worldview, but most have not thought through how they view the world and therefore usually have an eclectic view mostly due to their culture and upbringing rather than rational thought.

2. That is the difference between a Worldview and a religion?

Religion seriously affects one’s worldview, but worldview is a broader term. There are seven major elements of a worldview: God, ultimate reality (metaphysics), knowledge (epistemology), ethics, humankind, salvation and meaning in life.

3. Why is it important to be able to understand and explain your Worldview?

We need to be able to understand and explain our worldview because a bad worldview affects us and our world poorly.

4. Why is Jesus’s Worldview so different from every else’s?

Jesus’ worldview is unique because He is God and He sees the world exactly how it is. We all see with tainted spectacles so to speak, but He sees clearly. Our desire should be to have the same worldview as Jesus.

5. Is Christianity defendable on its own with just historical and empirical evidence, without the need to force people to believe it?

There is plenty of evidence backing up Christianity. It is based on solid historical evidence as the study of apologetics reveals. There is not so much evidence that it forces the unwilling to capitulate, but there is more than enough to convince the sincere seeker. Oftentimes God uses apologetics to wake up people from their slumber and reevaluate their worldview.

6. The hatred for Christianity seems to be increasing, why is that?

There is more opposition to Christianity, especially in Muslim-dominated cultures and secular states. I believe this is true because Satan knows he only has a short time, because the end is near. We can expect persecution. But Christians must respond properly. The Bible tells us to respond speaking the truth in love. We must continue to share the truth boldly, not fearing death, but we must always do it in love, not returning hatred for hatred.

7. Why is Jesus the only religious leader in the world to say things like “seek and you will find” or go ahead and study the scriptures, ask questions and you will find they prove me to be true?

Christianity is not afraid of a critical examination because we have truth on our side. Muslim countries outlaw Christian evangelism because deep down they are afraid of the truth. We welcome questions and encourage people to seek the truth, search the Scriptures, and count the cost before accepting Christianity because we know what they will find – Jesus is awesome!

It would be great to attend all ten of these classes, but if you can't make it but interested in learning this material, I believe the sessions will be later posted on the Harvest website – here

Learning about the Christian Worldview in comparison to all other Worldviews in amazing to see just how radically different Christ is.


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