Heroic Parents Stop School From Teaching New Morality As Illinois School District Rejects Homosexual Activist Curriculum

By: Tia Johnson 0 Comments   7/27/2012

Heroic may describe one Illinois school district. After hearing from parents, they made a bold move to pull all curriculum from the GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network).

They had taken notice of the curriculum's unhealthy emphasis of gay relationships for school-aged kids, even as young as kindergarten.

The school district- Erie Community Unit School District 1- responded by voting 5 to 2 to remove all GLSEN's curriculum from their schools.

That's a bold move in our culture. Some may ask, "What's wrong with curriculum that exposes children to gay relationships?" After all, GLSEN refers to one of their books as a celebration of "family diversity." That can't be so bad, can it?

In my opinion, it's quite appropriate for schools to broach the topic of homosexuality with older students- as long as they do so in a fair manner with respect to differing viewpoints. But GLSEN's curriculum seems to be more like indoctrination.

As the LifeSiteNews article by Ben Johnson states, "GLSEN’s 'Ready, Set, Respect!' curriculum, aimed at elementary school students as young as kindergarten, intentionally hopes to alter young children’s definition of family and sexual identity.

Targeting Children 

Its toolkit states: 'The elementary school years offer a wonderful and important opportunity to instill and/or nurture positive attitudes and respect for individual, family and cultural differences, including diversity related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.'"

Other aspects of the curriculum included a book titled, "My Princess Boy" and "Uncle Bobby's Wedding," introducing the idea of same-sex marriage to children.

Gender identity was also challenged in the curriculum. Apparently, the curriculum asked children to draw a picture of "Cinderella in a knight's armor" and "Spiderman wearing a magic tiara."

This curriculum certainly doesn't coincide with our encouragement at home that our children pursue the masculine and feminine traits given to them by God. I and other parents see the pursuit of a gay or bisexual lifestyle as sin, and encouraging it is akin to encouraging any other sinful behavior.

I wonder what would happen if a curriculum was introduced that exposed kids to "economic diversity." There are many ways of growing income these days, and thieves and prostitutes have a very diverse, artful lifestyle that we should respect and appreciate, shouldn't we?

Absolutely not. If a curriculum like this came to our school's door, it would likely be turned away. But 30 years ago, one encouraging homosexuality would have likely been turned down, too.

I would encourage a healthy, fair discussion in our schools about homosexuality, but not an indoctrination. Yet it seems the emotional and relational aspect of this debate has clouded over objectivity.

For example, gay marriage has become official in only a few states. Why encourage it among children when it is not legally possible in most locations across the country?

Also, is the pursuit of gay or bisexual thoughts healthy for students?  While in college, I had the privilege of befriending a woman who considered herself transgender. She said that during the day, she thought as if she was a boy, but when she looked at herself in the mirror that night, she was obviously a girl.

She had seen the doctor for this, and he had described her condition as if "wires were crossed" in her brain. Her feelings were not classified as "healthy" or "diverse." It appears that her doctor suggested that something might be wrong.

Pressuring Schools

I'm concerned that a curriculum encouraging a gay lifestyle would be promoting something that is biologically unhealthy- especially among hormone-flooded teenagers who tend to experience a number of different passions. Rarely are children taught to examine their feelings and submit them to truth. More often, our feelings are encouraged to rule over life, and this leads to disaster.

I'm glad the Erie Community Unit School District 1 has been bold enough to stand with the parents, and that the parents have been bold enough to make their concerns known. After all, if we choose to remain silent about these issues, or assume that we can do nothing, what should we expect but that the louder voice will win?

The battle may have just begun for Erie Community Unit School District 1, however. Apparently, GLSEN has urged homosexual activists across the nation to place pressure on the school district to reverse their decision.

But a letter from one of Erie's youth ministers offers an encouraging response:

"I think our town can handle the heat. Because we’re backed by something stronger—an unshakable passionate love for our children and our God and one another. I hope this will encourage thousands of other parents, including many of you reading this, that it’s so important to be connected to the details of your children’s lives and what they are being taught in schools. You don’t have to be afraid. You’re not alone. You can speak up—and make a difference. Even when you live in small town America."

Now is the time to be involved in your school district. Encourage them when they act on truth. Speak up when they are faced with opposing pressure. Be bold, and be heroic.


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