Hiding The Truth Among The Thorns

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   7/28/2013

The media is actively misrepresenting Christianity in an attempt to hide the truth.  History reveals the media can be used as a great deceiver and in an age of great deception (Luke 21:8) the media is playing its part. 

The Westboro Baptist Church is made up of about 40 people, mostly family members. 

They claim the label of Christian, yet they have no affiliation to any Baptist denomination.  They protest via speech and open hatred of which countless Christian organizations have condemned.  They have nothing to do with any reputable Christian organization, yet the media groups them together with Christians as if they represent main line Christianity.

For example, a few months ago a New York Times article by Dan Savage said “…loving Jesus means hating gay people.” and goes on to list some examples; “… the Family Research Council, The National Organization for Marriage, ‘The 700 Club,’ the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Westboro Baptist Church, and countless conservative Christian activists, preachers and politicians.”

No Christian organization belongs in a category with the Westboro Baptist Church.  This was done with the full intention to misrepresent Christianity in order to discourage people from either becoming a Christian or supporting Christian organization like the Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage.

As pointed out a few months ago by Hal Lindsey, the U.S. Army included a similar list when giving a presentation about ‘Extreme’ organizations and “… do not share our Army Values.” Three organizations were listed as examples, “… Family Research Council, Westboro Baptist Church, the American Family Association.”

Here again, the Westboro Baptist Church is listed between two of the most well-respected Christian organizations in the world.  This is intentionally misleading.  The media gives the 40-person Westboro Baptist Church tons of coverage, while the media pays no attention to the real atrocities like the murder of thousands of babies each day.   

The truth is not easy to hide.  It takes a major concerted effort to publish misleading information in order to confuse the public and make the truth so hard to find so that it appears as if it does not exist or cannot be known.  But at this point in history, the media is so invested in their post-modern agenda that Jesus was not right about the sinfulness of humanity, that they are willing to do anything to hide it – even lie about the leading Christian organizations.  

The truth is that Christianity is the foundation of all human rights and apart from Christ there is no reason to protect human life or human freedom.  The media does not realize they are being used to push on the pillars of society.  They do not realize they live under the same pillars.

If they succeed, and the pillars come down and Christianity’s influence is removed, society will collapse on top of them.


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