How To Respond To The Elections And Tell People About The Real Solution

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   11/7/2012

First of all, the election results are quit a disappointment. It is troubling to see so many people so deceived, but I guess Jesus said it would eventually go this way. “…in the last days… evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. “ – 2 Timothy 3:1-13

The good news is that after a short time of global deception, Jesus is going to turn it all around and restore justice and peace. 

Take 10 minutes to mourn over the results of the elections and then pick yourself up, minister to yourself as King David did.  Go to a worship service and be refreshed. Now then, move on and recognize the opportunity you have to talk with people about the real solution - Christ.

Many of the people that are against Christ are usually unwilling to openly talk to Christians. But they are more willing to talk to Christians in a defeat just to see us get mad and feel bad. 

Many who would not talk to me are now going out of their way to talk to me, gloating about their wins and asking me questions and pointing out how smart they were to have picked the winners.  It makes them feel good, to know that they picked a winner and reminding me about it reminds them how great them are.

What I have quickly found out is that this is an opportunity to talk to them about Christ and explain to them what they wouldn’t normally listen to me explain.  The knowledge of Christ is vital to everyone, and any opportunity to teach someone has life changing results. (Isaiah :55)

Stand Firm

So when someone asks you about why your candidate lost the election don’t get upset and don’t lose faith, but stand firm on the conviction that Christ is still the Lord of your life and his teachings about sin and eternal life remain.  The Lord remains brilliant.

Point out that the crumbling world reveals that Christ’s teachings remain correct, we cannot live however we want, because there are undeniable consequences of sin.  And therefore our nation is not moving forward, but backward, as we reject the knowledge of Christ we are rejecting the plan truth (Romans 1:28).  By rejecting his commandments in our laws, we are guaranteeing a deterioration in our society.

No progress is being made; the world is not getting more peaceful or stable or wealthier. Just the opposite is taking place, proving once again that the Lord cannot be mocked.

More people are in poverty and war than ever before. Education is deteriorating, families are deteriorating and jobs are no were in sight as the next-gen has no hope in its future without Christ.

The hope of the future remains in Christ alone.

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