If We Followed The Ten Commandments, Our Greatest Problems Would Disappear

By: Amanda Mattingly 0 Comments   10/18/2011

Murder, theft, corruption and lies are what decorate the front pages of today’s newspapers. Instead of seeing uplifting and positive articles, the media tends to focus on the negative and the grotesque.

Granted, there are many times where there is not much positive left for newspapers, magazines and news broadcasts to focus on.

Imagine if our country, our neighborhoods and our world were so full of good that it became a rare commodity to see anything negative broadcasted throughout the news programs. What would it take to make this happen?

This could be possible if humanity would accept and abide by the commandments God gave us in Exodus 20.

There is only one solution to the world’s problems, only one prescription for producing a near-heaven on earth. It is 3,000 years old. And it is known as the Ten Commandments,” Dennis Prager said in his column for The National Review.

Prager’s article discusses each of the commandments and the idea of the world becoming a better place if humanity were to simply follow them. Expanding on Prager’s claim, some of the commandments such as not murdering, stealing or lying come from those breaking some of the most straight forward demands God gave over 3,000 years ago.

Humanity is proceeding off of a mind set to “fix others” and create new ideas of how to make the world a better place, when in reality the simple resolution comes from the Scriptures. It starts with individuals making the conscience decision to do the right thing, following these commands, and then encouraging others to do the same.

If people and countries lived by the Ten Commandments, all the great and moral problems would disappear,” Prager says.

Take for instance, if the strongest leaders in our countries around the world were to live by this stance, it would make a huge difference. Instead of hearing about corrupted governments, the news could be reporting about courageous steps they are taking to help the citizens in their own countries.

For example, the news constantly exposes the corrupted governments all throughout the countries in Africa. The citizens of these countries are perishing and suffering because their leaders are not living moral lives. International officials in countries such as Nigeria, Zambia and Kenya (just to name a few) are helping to contribute to the conflict and corruption throughout their own countries, according to BBC reports.

“Corruption is chronic. It will take time before we see it go away. There are still some honest, hardworking, sincere and committed Africans around the world,” said PIanapue Early, in a BBC article. “When such people are in power, you will see the change in Africa.”

This is a cry for those with higher moral standings to come into power through the countries of Africa. Another example is something as nominal as the United States President, Bill Clinton, being caught in adultery. Instead of reporting great things our President, at that time, could have done for this country and others, citizens instead heard about his incongruous, adulterous actions.

Again it comes down to the ability for this world to be a more beautiful place if its inhabitants had a higher moral standing by simply following these standard commandments that God gave.

These ten simple rules would change the world. From family to the economy, everything would improve.  These rules are not optional, but required for humanity to live in peace and happiness.  This is why Jesus said, "Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God." - Matthew 4:4

We are not capable of living without the Word of the God, because without the power of God which comes from believing in His Word, we cannot resist the temptation of evil within us that results in our own destruction. 


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