In These Last Days Pornography Has Become A Global Destroyer, Yet God Is Still Rescuing And Restoring Those That Call On Him

By: Tia Johnson 0 Comments   5/17/2012

From porn producer to pastor-in-training? Yes, God works miracles. Donny Pauling began producing pornography in 1997.

He quit nine years later and recently has been working with XXXchurch in Pasadena, CA to become a pastor.

While Pauling shared his story (found at during a "Porn Sunday" service at Mercy's Cross Church, he touched on the vastness of destruction connected with pornography. Not only does it hurt the families who absorb it; it damages the girls who perform it.

Pauling's story

Pauling was raised in a church he defines as "legalistic." His father was a pastor, and while Pauling saw parishioners who appeared to be great spiritually, he overheard conversations with his father revealing otherwise.

"I started hating Christians," Pauling said. "I was confusing God with the people that claimed to represent Him."

Later, Pauling married a Christian girl and began doing what he thought Christian men should do: attend church and early-morning prayer meetings. He came across porn when they acquired a computer and quickly saw it as a potential business.

"I started seeing something that I was not only finding very appealing, but something I could make money in," he said. While Pauling began running his own porn company, his wife thought he was working with a computer business. He kept this giant secret for three years.

"I ripped her heart out," Pauling said, when he confessed his secret to his wife. But now that the secret was out, his business grew. And since our culture tends to glamorize and soften porn (for example: family shows which have episodes of "porn with clothes on"), he had no problems recruiting new girls. His first month after confessing his secret he made more than $50 thousand, "and I was hooked," he said.

He was hooked on the money and hooked on the hatred he had built against God. Pauling said sometimes he ran into former church parishioners, and "I lived for the moment when I could say I was a porn producer."

His proud proclamation would often be followed by asking this question: "Do you consume porn or have you ever consumed porn?" He said that question would very often end the conversation.

The truth is that pornography has become a booming industry with the help of consumers, including those consumers who attend church. Pauling shared frightening statistics that 54 percent of Christian pastors, 90 percent of Christian men, and 70 percent of Christian women have admitted to their struggle with pornography. And the porn industry operates by supply-demand.

"There are millions of Christians in this country," Pauling said. "And if we would just stop consuming porn, we'd make a big dent."

It appears we'd make a big dent not only in the lives of families, but in the lives of those who've performed for the industry.


During his nine years as a producer, Pauling recruited 500-plus new girls to the industry. He said he never received a "thank you" for recruiting a girl. He understands why, and described the trauma he had seen as a porn producer when the camera was off.

"These models, they thought that we were their friends," Pauling said. After all, a $500 paycheck for one day's work seemed awful nice to a young girl. He said the women who posed for him came from a variety of backgrounds: pastors' daughters, college grads, and a university professor were among them.

"People think girls involved in porn must be broken," Pauling said. "That's not true. They become broken."

He said a girl might enjoy her job for two weeks, but then her life seemed to fall apart. He remembers one girl huddled in a corner sucking her thumb after a filming. Some girls require surgeries to repair their bodies after aggressively having to re-enact scenes.

"And we sell our families for this," Pauling said.

Other long-term effects exist. One girl was let go at Hewlett Packard because her previous work with porn was found out. Another was not allowed to finish her police academy training. Others had photos of them placed in awkward locations: on campus or on a relative's car.

It seems that many girls who are after the quick cash don't realize that once these pictures are posted on the internet, they are nearly impossible to remove. Pauling said the industry gets lots of calls from girls complaining about their photos still being online.

One girl wrote a letter to Pauling after her fiance found her pictures online.

"This will and is ruining my life," she wrote. Not only was her engagement at stake-- much of her future will be, too. Imagine what her grandchildren might find online someday, Pauling said.

The destruction caused by pornography is unmeasurable, from those involved to the families who absorb it. Sadly, families are placed on the chopping block in exchange for visuals which are just fantasies.

"We're putting people through horrible, emotional pain for a complete lie," Pauling said.

While Pauling's marriage is not yet restored, he has re-built his relationship with his ex-wife, whom he now calls his best friend.

"The reality of the fact is that it is an affair," Pauling's ex-wife had described pornography in a letter. "He would sacrifice his wife and children for photographs and fantasy," she wrote of men who engage in it.


Pauling's breaking point came on the day that he was offered an additional $4 thousand per day for a new lesbian production. He was ecstatic about the deal, yet had mixed feelings inside.

"Inside I was just really having a hard time continuing," he said. "I was just, you know, miserable." While mulling this over in his car, he said he felt like an "electric shock" go through him. He said he didn't get a "you're going to hell" condemnation-- it was an "I've got a whole lot more for you than this" conviction. He pulled his car over and his hands were trembling. It was then that, despite the offer for more money, he decided to quit.

He hadn't made a commitment to Jesus at this point, but did called the XXXchurch and confessed that he was quitting porn production and had questions about God. Two weeks later, he decided to trust God as his redeemer regardless of the questions he still had.

XXXchurch is unique in that it has a very specific approach to the porn industry. In fact, their mission states, "XXXchurch is your resource online to fight porn addiction."

Pauling remembers their presence at porn conventions. Their booth displayed the message "Jesus loves porn stars." They offered to do makeup on models who were hired by porn companies. In these moments the church told models that they are beautiful and that God loves them no matter what they've done.

Pauling contrasted this with picketers he had walked past who held up signs about going to hell. The picketers had only fueled his anger toward God. "Who wants to be married to a person you're scared into loving?" he said.

It was the approach that XXXchurch had that Pauling said "started messing with my head."

"I'm finding a Jesus now who does not ask us to do things because he can send us to hell if you don't," Pauling said.

He said he does not struggle so much with temptations from his porn past because he has seen how destructive it was to the girls he worked with.

"Nothing on the screen is real," Pauling said. "So, no, I don't struggle with porn."

Pauling said now he looks for his former models so that he can apologize to them. Sometimes this leads to an opportunity to share his testimony.

He does offer three suggestions for those addicted to the industry: tell God, tell others, and get away.

Pauling said bringing the subject out in the open and talking about it makes a difference. "What we keep in secret becomes a big huge problem," he said.

XXXchurch offers resources to provide accountability regarding this area. (see

In his talk, Pauling referred to the apostle Paul, who was a "super Christian" but also struggled to do things right. "I found out that I'm not alone," he said.

He's also not alone regarding his redemption. Who else but God could drastically change a life? Whether it be a Christian persecutor like Paul was, a producer of pornography like Pauling was, or a girl trading her body for some cash-- only God has the power to so justly change a life.

Here is Pauling's blog.

Last Days

-- Addition, By Curtis Ophoven

This story is interesting with regard to the last days, in which Revelations 17 talks about how the entire world becomes consumed by a global system of adultery, much like the pornography industry has become.

“With her the kings of the earth committed adultery and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries”  … “The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries” ... “This title was written on her forehead: MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH” -Revelations 17:2-5

This passage goes on to say that this system or woman was drunk with the blood of many saints that become involved in her adultery.   This is just what Pauling said, he has recruited pastor’s daughters and many Christians are consuming the pornography that he was producing.  Pauling also says that the porn industry is global and he has attended many events with people from all over the world, just as this passage goes on to say.

“saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus. When I saw her, I was greatly astonished.” – Rev 17:6

“Then the angel said to me, "The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages.” – Rev 17:15

In the last days, just before the return of Christ, sexual immorality will increase and destroy many families and nations, as many trade the truth for a lie (Romans 1:25). Pauling's story reveals the incredible accuracy of God's prediction, which is greatly astonishing.

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