Join Countless Missionaries This Christmas As They Pray For People They Love

By: Amanda Mattingly 0 Comments   12/21/2011

Christmas is generally a time that means families come together, they attend various holiday activities and children laugh with glee.

Many families also enjoy going to their children’s programs and spend numerous hours shopping and wrapping presents to place beneath a tree.

Churches around the country hold beautiful services on Christmas Eve and openly invite their congregation and members of the community to join them in celebrating the joy of Christmas -- when the world’s Savior was born.

But what does Christmas mean for those who are serving the Lord their God in the most remote villages and countries throughout the world?

For some, it means that they simply participate in the holiday activities of that specific country. Thailand, for example, celebrates the commercial aspect of Christmas by decorating and some even participate in Father Christmas as they purchase presents for their loved ones.

However, since Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country, not many will be seen celebrating Christmas by singing, “Joy to the World” or attending church services. Even though they do not celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, their festivities do open a door for missionaries to openly present the Gospel.

Some missionaries that serve in countries that are not necessarily open to Christianity, yet they do not forcefully forbid it, are able to initiate outreach programs and present the Gospel to those within their communities. Though this may be the case for some, there are still many distinctly “closed” countries that do not permit any form of reference to Jesus.

For missionaries serving in more “closed” countries, they must be very strategic in presenting the true meaning of Christmas to those they encounter and serve in their specific country.

“We will be celebrating with our community family with a Christmas Eve candlelight service in our home and Christmas lunch with games and movies on Christmas Day,” missionaries serving in Sudan said.

In a predominantly Muslim country as Sudan, they are unable to serve openly as missionaries; therefore, they seek to make genuine relationships with those in their community and witness to them over dinner or a cup of tea. After seeing some members of their community come to Christ, it is a joy for them to hold a gathering in their home so that they may rejoice together in the birth of their Savior.

Not only do missionaries around the world celebrate the holiday quietly in their homes, but many spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day devoted in prayer for those in their community that they are there to serve. On such a day as Christmas, when the Savior of the world came in the form of a mere baby in a manger with the sole purpose of dying on the cross for our sins, what better way to spend the day than praying for those who have never heard the name of Jesus.

These missionaries have such a unique ability to spend their Christmas holiday overseas with those that they are witnessing to. They have the opportunity to battle the enemy’s spiritual warfare by praying for their salvation and that a holiday such as this would open a door and serve as a bridge leading to a conversation revolving around the Gospel.

This Christmas, I pray that we are all encouraged to participate in this special holiday the way these missionaries do. By praying for the lost, praying for those who are away from their families in order to witness to those who have never heard the name of Jesus and praying for strength and protection for these missionaries and their children as they serve our God this Christmas season.

I pray that we may even join them by doing the same and reaching out to those in our own communities, and even in our own families, who do not know the love and saving grace that only comes from Jesus Christ.

After all, what better way to rejoice in the Lord and celebrate his birth than to partner with these missionaries by praying for and reaching out to those who do not know Christ as Savior.

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