Last Days Pattern Matthew 24;7 In View As U.S. Faces Worst Drought In 60 Years

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   7/25/2012

Over the last fifty years, the global weather patterns have drastically worsened just like Jesus talked about in Matthew 24:7-8.

"There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains."

The U.S. has planted the largest corn crop in history to meet the growing global demand for food.

But a drought unlike it has seen for 60+ years as struck the heartland.  The U.S. is the largest corn exporter in the world and much of the world is very dependent on the price of corn.

A drought of this magnitude is likely to have a major impact on increasing food prices around the world. The price of corn has increased some 38% in the last month.  

This could result in a global famine.  A global famine of this magnitude at this time in history, when billions are dependent on U.S. corn could result in the starvation of millions.

Corn Supply

According to the USDA

The global supply of corn is at the lowest level in 38 years, while the global demand remains at record levels.  The global supply of corn is estimated at about 52.3 days of use, the lowest level since 1973/74.

"Farm Income: Agriculture’s strong performance is projected to ease in 2012. Net cash income for 2012 is forecast at $96.3 billion, down 11.5 percent from 2011"

"Livestock and dairy producers have faced tight margins for most of the past 5 years. Despite higher product prices, little expansion has occurred. The January 1 cattle inventory was at its lowest level since 1952"

A few years ago we were in a similar situation and the global supply of corn was down to 60 days of use. Do we see a pattern here?  It seems like the world is facing a global famine that seems to get worse every couple of years.

Birth Pains

Matthew 24:8 refers to the beginning of birth pains. Birth pains increase in frequency and intensity until the birth of the child or in this case the return of Christ.  Perhaps the Lord is going to cause famines and earthquakes to act in this unique pattern so that those looking for him will recognize them.  

This is not all bad news, but good news. Knowing that the Lord is coming soon by this unmistakable pattern will increase the faith of those that are watching for him.  This pattern also gives us understanding into how to deal with the famines.  

The storms will test our faith.  Between the storms those that do not know what the Lord is doing will be saying things like, "be optimistic and it will blow over" and "if he was coming, he would have already come by now" and "since he is not coming, he is not going to judge us so we can continue sinning".

When you hear these things, remember that even these statements bring glory to the Lord because he predicted them long ago and therefore these statements prove once more that he is God.

"They will say, "Where is this 'coming' he promised? Ever since our fathers died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation." - 2 Peter 3:4

But those that have studied his Word and believe in him realize that the storms are not over, that we are just between storms.  They have insight to save during the calm years in anticipation of the next storm.

Just a few years ago we had a similar food shortage with only a 60 day supply of corn and now we have only have 52 days of corn, what will the next drought leave us with 40 days of corn?  

Those that are watching for him would say, "be careful not do get caught up in the entertainment of the day (Luke 21:34), while the signs of the Lords return are as clear as determining when spring is coming (Matt 24:32)".

Another observation regarding birth pains is that during most of a pregnancy they are sporadic in frequency and intensity, but once they become regular in frequency then you are clearly approaching the birth.

If the next major drought is just a few years away, it will follow this pattern which will tell the world one more time that He is the Lord and his return is drawing near.

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