Laws That Protect Life, NDSU To Freeze Grant For Planned Parenthood Curriculum

By: Tia Johnson 0 Comments   1/29/2013

FARGO, ND - The power of politics has been questioned regarding issues of life (namely abortion). How much control does the legislature have, anyway? What real difference does my vote make?

Lots. As displayed in recent events at North Dakota State University, politics has played a major role- both for abortion and for life.

It started last fall when two professors were awarded a prized grant to reach out to teens through curriculum supplied from Planned Parenthood. This grant was supplied thanks to President Obama's administration.

Just in the past few weeks, however, conflicts arose between the grant and North Dakota statutes- namely, the following statute called "Century Code section 14-02.3-02", according to the Inforum news source in Fargo.

The statute, passed in 1979, "forbids any state or local funding, as well as any federal funding passing through the state treasury or state agency, from being used 'as family planning funds by any person or public or private agency which performs, refers, or encourages abortion.'" Planned Parenthood is an agency which performs, refers or encourages abortion.

Some defending the grant responded by saying that the money would not be used for family planning or abortion services. The program these professors wanted to offer would have been offered aside from the school with voluntary teens. They also questioned the finality of the laws because of a previous court case.

Others have applauded NDSU's president Dean Bresciani for freezing the grant. Chancellor Hamid Shirvani told Inforum, "He's acting the way he should act, because we have an obligation to protect our faculty from criminal charges from breaking a state law."

North Dakota's laws don't just end with denying funding for abortion-related agencies. One of the North Dakota's statutes requires k-12 schools to deliver the reality and effectiveness of abstinence before and outside of marriage in their sex-ed programs.

So, who says legislation is useless? At NDSU, it has proved to be very useful. Laws are made by legislators with the encouragement of voters like you and I. Legislators are placed in office by voters like you and I. In NDSU's case, curriculum from an organization opposing life was funded by an elected official- our president. But its permissiveness was not tolerated by the state of North Dakota and its legislation put in place by elected officials more than 30 years ago.

It's true that the overall count of abortions done in this country declined in 2009. But according to WORLD magazine, Planned Parenthood reached 333,964 abortions performed under their care in 2011. That's 1 abortion every 94 seconds-- a record number for them. It's also not-so-pretty to know that nearly half of Planned Parenthood's budget is funded by taxpayers. 

But there's been a positive move in legislation. The same issue of WORLD magazine (Jan. 26) reported that since 2011, ten states have taken action to defund abortion providers of taxpayer dollars. In Indiana and Texas, this move led the state to court battles with Planned Parenthood. Read about it here.

Our involvement in politics is immeasurable. A few sites, citizen and, make it easy to contact YOUR legislators about upcoming issues and measures to be voted on. You can make an impact by contacting your officials and by directing others to do the same.

You can also make an impact by becoming informed with how the judges in your area are ruling the bench.

However, Marvin Olasky, editor of WORLD, made his own appeal that even cultural engagement is not enough. "None of us is innocent," he wrote in his editorial. "I've worked as a journalist and historian to draw attention to the evil of abortion, but I haven't carried through in my prayer life. I don't pray every day for the hearts of mothers and fathers to be turned toward their unborn children."

Ah, the power of prayer. Sometimes in the midst of political chaos, it's tempting to think that we legislate out our future. Untrue. God continues to rule. Perhaps the greatest thing we can do is to get on our knees before His throne.

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