Lilia Rose President Of Live Action, Explains Why Abortion Is Still At The Heart Of Our Nations Disfunction

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   10/10/2012

A few weeks ago Lilia Rose spoke at the 2012 Values Voters Summit, which is perhaps the greatest leadership event in the country.

In the last few years Lilia Rose has become a national figure for the renewed pro-life movement, producing several videos that have exposed the criminal activity at Planned Parenthood.

One young woman has single handedly pushed back the darkness of Abortion and the curse it leaves behind for generations.  The Abortion rate is dropping across the nation, government funding for Abortion is being cut and Abortion clinics are closing faster than at any time in history.

This young woman brings true the words of Christ, “if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20

Lilia proves that a person that believes what Christ said can make a big difference.

Here is part of what Lilia Rose had to say at the 2012 Values Voters Summit;

“When the family is under threat, and family members are turned in on themselves, turned against each other; how can we have a strong economy? How can we have a strong nation? How can we have a strong foreign policy?  We cannot have strong anything if we don’t have strong bonds that connect each other, strong families, love between spouses, love between mother and child, father and child.

That is the foundation of a great country. …

Tonia (a woman that recently went to have an Abortion) was there for a second trimester abortion. … Tonia died that day.

Tonia is the real face of the war on women.  Woman that have been lied to by powerful interests with powerful population control ideologies, who are telling us women that abortion will liberate us, that abortion will solve our problems.  But we know it is not true. “

In this excerpt, Lilia explains how Abortion is at the heart of why our nation has lost its greatness. She pointed out that if we do not believe in protecting life then we have turned on each other and no nation that is turned on each other can be a great nation.

Lilia goes on to explain that women are the targets of the lies of Abortion and those lies are the reason they are not living out their childhood dreams of getting married and living happily ever after.  

When women believe in Abortion, they are trading the truth for a lie, trading the life inside of them for the lie that they would be happier without the child.   Abortion does not solve our problems. Instead it discards the natural love that fathers and mothers have for our children.  

Discarding natural love for children is at the heart of our nation's decline. This lie leads society down a path of self-destruction that goes like this;

  1. When parents’ hearts are turned away from their children, they are much unlikely to continue to love each other and stay married.  This leads to national poverty, because the number one cause of poverty in America today is single-mothers.
  2. When parents stop loving their children they lose interest in working hard to provide a better life and education for their children. This leads parents to spend more money on consumer goods and services rather than save money, which drains capital away from new business investments that are the leading source of new jobs.
  3. When parents’ hearts are turned against their children, the nation sees no moral obligation to live a life of restrain from spending money that the next generation will have to pay back. A nation that has no moral obligation to continuously increasing the national debt is proof that they do not care about the future of their children.

Here is the full video of Lilia’s speech.

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