Meet The Creator Of Heaven And Earth At The Elk River House of Prayer

By: Sonia Eizenhoefer 0 Comments   9/2/2011

Calling all intercessors! Calling all prayer warriors! Calling all worshipers! There is a place to pray and worship like the International House of Prayer right here in Minnesota.

It’s in Elk River less than 45 minutes from St. Cloud. Let’s unite in prayer for the church, the harvest, justice, and Israel.

Do you feel a call to pray, become one of the worshipers, or intercede? I encourage you to go and check it out! You will not be disappointed!

Elk River is developing a place of prayer. Their goal is to establish a place of worship and prayer that continues 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The format they are using is similar to that of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City Missouri (KCIHOP). KCIHOP has had 24/7 prayer and praise available for over 11 years. They have different worship teams come in every two hours, while the worship team plays music others can come in to pray and intercede while they worship God.

Currently the Elk Rivers House of prayer (ERHOP) has three different worship teams that rotate playing live on Sunday nights from 6:00pm-8:00pm and the rest of the week they pipe in a live stream from Kansas City Missouri’s IHOP. It is for every Christian to intercede and seek God’s heart through praise and worship.

There is a powerful anointing at ERHOP to pray and enter into God’s presence with worship. It’s almost like a taste of heaven. Ask God if you are to become a part of this and follow His lead. The vision they have is: To effect a change in the spiritual atmosphere of our region by building a furnace of intercession through night and day prayer. Their mission is: Agreement with God who He is and what is on His heart.

The Elk River House of Prayer has been officially open at its present location since 2009. Since they are not open 24/7 yet, the current schedule is on the website at: are located at: 555 Railroad Drive Elk River MN 55330. Feel free to email with any questions:

Please pray for this ministry to catch on fire within Elk River and the region. So that the gift of prayer and intercession will be birthed and more will become involved. That way they can have more live worship teams and remain open all night.

I spoke with Jeff Everson, the director of ERHOP and he stated that, “Our goal would be that this place would be a place where the presence of God dwells, so that we as a people can align with the heart of Jesus.” With my experience there, I believe they are fulfilling that goal. Once we are aligned with God’s heart we can do what He shows us to do.

This kind of praise and worship attracts the younger generation. It’s the presence of God that draws the people in, because they want the real deal and won’t settle for a counterfeit. This generation is weary of phoniness and won’t fall for any games. Most of them are desperate for an encounter with God and aren’t we all?

I believe the prayer and intercession that comes from this place will bring in the great harvest and I’m excited to be a part of it.

I have personally been to the KCIHOP a few times during the One Thing conference. The One Thing conference has the prayer room right on location. When I saw the multitude of young people at this conference who were enjoying God and worshiping Him it overwhelmed me with hope for the next generation.

The first time I was there and saw this, I wept. The prayer room was always packed during the conference. Isn’t that exciting, a prayer room that is packed with people?

Prayer is a powerful experience because is strengthens our personal relationship with Christ. 

Visit ERHOP and see for yourself what God is doing at a neighboring city. I believe that once you do He will reveal what part you should have in it. We need to unite ourselves with other ministries and work together to reach the lost. Let’s pray for the endtime harvest to come in and for the full gospel to be preached throughout our cities, our nation, and the world.

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