More New Scientific Research Reveals God Behind Design Of Human Life

By: Tia Johnson 0 Comments   11/28/2012

The Psalmist's statement, "You [God] have formed my inmost parts," takes on microscopic meaning considering some of the latest DNA research released last September. 

More than 400 researchers around the world have been studying our DNA during the past 9 years, and their September report releases findings that will forever change science.  

First, the information proves wrong a previous theory that we only use 2 percent of our body's DNA. (The rest of it was called "junk DNA.") Instead, these researchers have now determined that at least 20 percent of our DNA is involved in regulating our genes and cell function. Actually, possibly 100 percent of our DNA is being used- but more research is needed to verify that.

WORLD Magazine's Daniel James Devine did an excellent job explaining the intricacies of the discovery that regions of "inactive," or "junk" DNA are actually quite involved in the function of our bodies.

"[The researchers] discovered that supposedly inactive regions of DNA actually contain some 4 million 'switches' that turn genes on or off and control how cells behave," Devine wrote.

And these researchers have just brushed the surface of their discovery-- in fact, the 4 million "switches" are only part of one of many layers of the genome. And, it's possible that the switches may be associated with the onset of diseases like Alzheimer's, autism and diabetes.

This leads to lots of good news: First, more research may lead to answers to aid in treating ailments. Second, the research is a great victory for creationists. Previously, evolutionists used the theory of "junk DNA" to suggest that we have evolved over time. They suspected that at one time we needed the DNA, but as we evolved much of that DNA was discarded and is now useless.

Now, we know that the so-called "junk" DNA really wasn't junk.

It seems to be our tendency, however, to give credit to anything but God. After reading the New York Times piece on this discovery, I glanced through comments from other readers, and praise was often given to our government for funding the research.

"I extend my gratitude to the employees who contributed to this massive effort, and to a nation that provided the funding to get us this far," wrote one commenter. "Ironic, isn't it, that in this day and age when one political party derides the federal government as something evil and something to be cut off at the root that this amazing project was begun, coordinated and funded by-- you guessed it-- the federal government of the United States of America," wrote another.

The researchers were praised and a few evolutionists defended their perspective, but I saw no words of praise toward our Creator.

The new research, however, proves that God's creation-- even the smallest particles-- is no junk.

When the Psalmist declared that God created our inmost parts, most likely he had no idea exactly how small those parts could be. A few days after conception I could fit on the tip of an ink pen- yet even then I contained all the DNA necessary to make me who I am today: a 5'10", 165 pound female who enjoys reading, writing, and cayenne pepper on my popcorn.

It's an awesome moment when we become aware that the God who created our galaxy with approximately 400 billion stars and planets also created our inmost parts-- our DNA. Both are so vast and intricate that our human minds have not been able to discover them completely. Wow.

"Earth is my footstool," God had said in Isaiah 66. Yet God formed man out of the dust of the ground and with his own divine lungs breathed life into him. I can hardly contain the awesomeness of Who has created me and then called me to serve Him!

Congrats to the researchers, and thank God for revealing this to them. If we humble ourselves, their findings may help save lives in more ways than one.

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