My Thoughts About How The TV Show Glee Represents Christians

By: Ryan Atkins 0 Comments   7/1/2011

Recently in an effort to have a fun night with my mother who was visiting and my roommate, I decided to watch an episode of GLEE with them.

I was not expecting to enjoy the episode, (which I didn’t), yet I became curious about the characters, and intrigued by the show, which led me to scanning the Internet for info as well as watching other episodes of this new show. 

I enjoyed the depth that the writers unveil within many of the characters. The character of Quinn, (DiannaAgron), initially grabbed my attention as she was portrayed as one of the few Christians on the show. Sadly, Quinn, does not represent an individual who follows Christ, as she hates the character of Rachel, and despite being the president of the celibacy club she becomes pregnant, then lies about who the father is.

This is the Christian representation on a hit show reaching the same demographic many churches are attempting to reach; teens and young adults.

We could join the Facebook group “Christians against Glee” and start a campaign to warn everyone how bad the show is and how the show is corrupting the younger generation.

If individuals truly believe they need to take these actions good for them. I am not criticizing those actions, I have learned this past year that times arise within our Christian walk where we must be loud and vocal about what could steer others away from Christ.

However, in regards to the media and Hollywood's representation I believe a new approach is needed. I think as Christians if we’re upset about our characterization on television shows, we should stop being angry, and look into the mirror to ask ourselves, if we as Christians have given those who do not believe in Christ reason to represent us this way?

Numerous movies and televisions shows provide an unflattering representation of Christians, not simply Glee.

I know multiple people who profess Christ as their Lord and Savior, who at times have struggle with lying, stealing, pre-marital sex, among other sins. I myself have been angry when I have encountered other Christians who are in sin, as I have become angry at myself when I have sinned against the Lord.  

The fact that Hollywood presents Christians in an unfavorable light should not be a reason to jump up and down demanding respect, we should use this opportunity as a gauge of how we’re perceived by those who do not believe in Christ.

We should allow these characterizations to be barometers of how we are perceived, providing us the opportunity to reflect Christ to people who have never truly known Him.

We should also understand that if whoever is writing these materials regarding Christians may have had actual encounters with Christians who have acted in a way that misrepresents God.  In regards to high school, I myself may have attended church some during my high school years as did numerous friends and acquaintances, yet I don’t recall anyone truly standing up for Christ in way that was truly different than anyone else. I know someone who stood up for God against atheists, but yet did not want to lose their tough guy rep and engaged in pre-marital sex, despite a desire to follow Gods commands.

I have learned that no matter how many times we attempt to place a square into a circle, it will never work. We Christians should consider that if people’s perception of us, Christ followers, is not changing, then quite possibly we need to be willing to change our behaviors and actions to truly match up with what Jesus Christ presented.

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