Oh What A Blessing It Is That He Lets Us Participate In His Plan To Save The World

By: Amanda Mattingly 0 Comments   1/25/2013

The Muslim call to prayer began again. It happens five times each day. Resounding loudly, Muslims gathered, removed their shoes and began their prayers.

This particular day happened to be Christmas. Missionaries in this sensitive country were also gathered at the same time to celebrate Christ. It was when the call began that a little girl, Grace*, went inside because the sound hurt her ears. When she came back outside, the Christmas story was read aloud to all of the children who were gathered there with these missionaries.

At the same time, the leader at the nearby mosque began to speak. Grace said that this man was mean because of what he was shouting. When she was told that they were talking about Jesus, her immediate response was to exclaim how Jesus saved us and sacrificed His own life so that we may live with Him in Heaven. She continued to respond by saying how Jesus is even in our hearts.

With a heavy heart, Grace said that some people do not know who Jesus is or what He has done for them. “We have to tell them about Him so they will be in Heaven with us,” she said.

What an amazing heart and pure faith this 4-year-old girl has.

“We are so moved that she understands why we live here…because people have not heard about Jesus and that He loves us and came to save us,” Grace’s parents said.

Grace’s response was so simple, yet profound. “We have to tell them about Him…” This is such a pure outlook on the Great Commission and witnessing to those who have not heard and do not know Christ. Her words were filled with such urgency, passion and faith.

She wasn’t concerned about what the response would be, if she would be ridiculed or rejected. She just knew she had to tell them about Jesus and that He had died on the cross to save them! Grace had such a genuine love for these people who she did not even know. She knew that Jesus was the way to true life and she could not allow it to be kept from them.

As I was reading this story in the newsletter, I was brought to my knees with tears streaming down my face praying and asking God that He would continue to work in my heart that this would always be my response when I encounter those who do not know Him.

This is and always will be His passion and response to those who have not heard the Good News. And as we are pursuing to be like Him, this must be our response too. These missionaries’ words reign so true, “We are not promised tomorrow in this place…”

None of us are promised a tomorrow. So what are we waiting for?

We must move past our excuses and fears and share the love of Christ with our friends and family…even those who we have never before met. Not all of us are called as Grace and her family were to travel across the world to proclaim the powerful name of Jesus to people who do not know Him. But we are called to share Jesus with those in our own lives and those we encounter by the will of God.

As Christ-followers, we have true joy, complete peace, and the most perfect love we could ever imagine. When we don’t share this with others, we are not even giving them the opportunity to make a decision to follow Christ and experience an everlasting love.

What will it take for us to view the Great Commission as this little girl does, with a pure faith and sincere passion? 

“We have to tell them about Him so they will be in Heaven with us.” 

*Grace’s name was changed for the safety of her family.  


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