Only God Could Heal The Scars Of Those Caught Up In The Human Trafficking Epidemic In Cambodia

By: Amanda Mattingly 0 Comments   12/9/2011

A mere 5-year-old girl joyfully heads to the playground on a bright, sunny day. She could not wait to play with her friends and have a wonderful afternoon. It was supposed to be just another normal day.

Instead, it became the day that she would be taken and forced into sex slave labor in Cambodia.

A young woman walks the streets of Cambodia where she has grown up. She lives in a poor village with her mother.

As she contemplates a better job that will lead to a brighter future, she wonders if she will ever find an opportunity. Seeming as if her dreams were coming true, she is offered the chance to receive a passport and join a well paying job. This was supposed to be the answer she had been searching for.

Instead, it became the day that she would be taken and forced into sex slave labor in Cambodia.

For many young women and even children, human trafficking is very real and evident in their lives. It is not just something that the hear about briefly in the news, it is a tragic reality that they have personally experienced and lived through.

In Svay Pak, a village right outside of Cambodia’s capital of Phnom Penh, human trafficking has become more common. Expanding past the idea that it is mainly teenage girls being forced into the sex trade, the number of children that are being openly sold is increasing drastically.

Some are even taken at such a young age that they have yet to learn basic skills such as reading or writing. Not only are these girls snatched from the male predators prowling the streets for their next vulnerable prey, but some have even been sold by their own parents. according to a CNN article.

“Poverty and greed are what fuel the human trafficking business. The lower the education, the poorer the nation, then statistics say the greater the risk for human trafficking,” Krissy Velasco, a NGO worker in Cambodia, said. “Daily girls are sold into prostitution because their parents don’t know any better and their other children need rice to eat.”

These girls are either taken on the streets or they are deceived by promises of well paying and respectable jobs. Once they are sold, they are brutally raped and abused, with no means of escape.

For some, their families have given up everything to try and save them from this life. One mother even sold her “small landholding to free one daughter from this terrible situation,” according to a CNN article. They have given up literally everything they have, in attempts to repay the ‘debt’ these young girls are considered to owe those who have sold them.

The lives that these girls are literally forced to walk through each day produce bruises, cuts, brutal rape and hopelessness that seems to never fade.

But in spite of this atrocity, there are numerous people and organizations offering their resources and support in order to rescue these girls from each day of hopeless suffering, in which they are entrapped.

“I really think it’s an evil -- I mean there is no understanding it. The girls, I mean, they’re in such pain and suffer so greatly and it is obvious to the man that’s raping them,” Don Brewster, who works with Agape International Missions, said in a CNN article.

Rescuing these girls is something that must be done. It is not something to question; it is something that is determined to be in need of a solution.

There are many people and organizations that are making efforts to end human trafficking in Cambodia and all over the world. Whether Christian or non-Christian, it is crucial for any person with compassion for these girls to find a way to make a difference.

With that said, Christians do have a greater form of action that only they can take through prayer -- prayer to the one true and living God. These girls, and even their families, come out of these situations with a mixture of emotions and broken spirits. While rescuing them from their current situations and offering them a safe haven is extremely important, they ultimately need the healing and loving power that can only come through Jesus Christ.

“Christians, if serving with a heart like Jesus, can invest in prayer, discipleship, and unconditional love into these children [and girls],” Velasco said. “[They] are often tough and need [a lot] of prayer and love so that they can begin to heal their hurt and calloused hearts.”

Some of the barriers and scars that these girls, even after they are rescued, will be forced to face can take the rest of their lives to fully be freed from their horrors. They are emotions and memories that can only be healed through the power of God. So, as Christ-followers, we should possess the compassion of Christ and commit to rescuing these girls either by giving financially to the organizations that are reaching out in these areas, praying to ask God if He would have us go, or by simply committing to pray for these girls, children and families each and every day.

“Pray for those fighting human trafficking. Pray for those doing the trafficking,” Velasco said. “Pray for those being trafficked. Pray for the families that sell their children into trafficking (they are often lied to, blackmailed, and/or tricked).”

Through the loving power of Jesus Christ, these girls can find healing, worth, peace, and ultimately the hope that they never thought they would be able to find again.

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