Rediscover God in America Web Cast, Saturday March 26th

By: Ryan Atkins 0 Comments   3/25/2011

Despite a disunity that forced Wisconsin and Indiana Democrats towards Illinois in an attempt to prevent Republicans from moving forward with anti-union laws.

Despite a poor stewardship that has placed the United States national debt over $14 billion.

Despite high divorce rates, fatherless children, violence and an appearance that America is vacating its premise as “One nation under God, a large group of people are praying, believing and fighting to bring Godly principles towards America.

Saturday March 26, 2011 United in Purpose is hosting “Rediscover God in America” as a free web event.

Notable speakers for this event include former presidential nominee and former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee, Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, current Governor of Mississippi Haley Barbour, researcher George Barna and fellow Minnesotan Michele Bachman, U.S. House or Representative for the 6th district.

According to the history of the United States always had believers who were well informed regarding the topics facing America.

“History is clear:  the founders of our country drew their inspiration, wisdom, and direction from the Bible. Beginning in colonial times, church leaders spoke to their congregations about the events and issues of the day in the context of Biblical truth,” the website stated. “

Rediscover God in America will lay a foundation of critical knowledge for your congregation. They'll learn how to interpret and assess current events in light of God's Word, as our founding fathers did, and how to respond Biblically and take action that aligns with His truth.”

If you’re interested in joining other like minded believers two churches in Minnesota are registered to present the web cast, United Methodist church in New London and Jesus Assembly of God in Saint Peter.

If you’re unable to attend either of these locations you may sign up for the webcast at he first 10,000 registered are able to access for free. If you’re not included in the 10,000 the cost is $1.99

The host organization, United in Purpose, has a desire to educate Christians in the Biblical worldview.

“To change the landscape of American culture and politics, Christians must participate in the democratic process,” stated on the website. “We must be committed to truth, focused on action, and united in purpose.”

The Christian worldview is critical to the future of America.  It is the foundation of our society, in which freedom and democracy are supported by.  And our economy is built on top of our freedoms.  No other nation has ever been able to lay a foundation that has supported the freedoms of America that have led to the success of our great nation.  Do not be fooled, the biblical foundation of America is the reason for our success and our future depends on how well we remain on that foundation.

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