Religious Freedom In Decline Around The World As Nations Reject Christ As Foundation For Freedom

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   8/8/2012

A few days ago the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech coinciding with the U.S. State Department’s release of its annual International Religious Freedom Report.

The summary of the report was that religious freedom is sliding backwards, the former first lady said, “When we consider the global picture and ask whether religious freedom is expanding or shrinking, the answer is sobering.”

According to most reports Clinton gave a pretty good speech on the issue and the concerns that a decline of religious freedom will lead to more instability.

Clinton correctly called religious freedom a human right which is critical for every nation.  Clinton said; “When it comes to this human right, this key feature of stable, secure, peaceful societies, the world is sliding backwards.”

Clinton is echoing the U.S. Constitution’s idea that no government should be allowed to take away religious freedom from its people because it is a God given right; “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights…”

Unable To Determine Why

Yet Clinton did not seem to give a clear reason why the world is backsliding on religious freedom.  If religious freedom is truly good for every nation, than why would any nation turn away from it?  It appears that Clinton was unable to answer this question. 

Clinton seems to understand that religious freedom is the foundation for stable, secure and peaceful societies. But does not realize that Christianity is the foundation for religious freedom and that no other foundation is capable of defending or supporting religious freedom.  The teachings of Christ are the only ideas in all of history that have ever been able to produce a society that upholds religious freedom.

Rejecting the teachings of Christ, that there is one God, that we were created by him and we sinned against him, that without repenting and living by his absolute moral standard and teaching them to our children so they will remain in each generation, we will not be able to have freedom or peace.

When a nation rejects Christ for another worldview, they cannot help but sacrifice religious freedom and all of the benefits that Clinton listed along with it. 

The reason the nations of the world are experiencing a major decline of religious freedom is because they are rejecting Christ on a national level.

What About U.S. Religious Freedom?

Clinton’s speech also didn't address the decline of religious freedom in the U.S. but focused solely on other parts of the world.

The most obvious threat to religious liberty in the U.S. is coming directly from the Obama administration’s healthcare contraception mandate, forcing many thousands of religious institutions against their will and using the strong arm of government to do so. 

A case could easily be made that the contraception mandate creates a theocracy in the U.S. government, which is against our Constitution that says … “congress shall make no law restricting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise therefore…”.

The same practice of theocracy that is being used by foreign governments to force their people against their moral judgment is being instituted by the Obama administration.  

The contraception mandate and government funded Abortion is a major decline of religious freedom right here in the U.S., as the government is now the enforcer of denying the teachings of Christ that all life is precious because we are created by God.  These rights are "self-evident". 

Clinton does not realize that without understanding the irreplaceable value of biblical morality, a nation will become its own greatest threat.


The reason the world is falling apart, as evident by the global decline of religious freedom, is because the nations of the world are rejecting Christ – just as predicted (Psalms 2:2, Rev 17:14).

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