Revival Has Begun in Northwest MN, Meetings Continue August 11-13

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   8/10/2011

“Some of the people felt their lives were changed after we gave the message”, Joe Quernemoen

Just a few months ago Jeff Warner’s Ultimate Strength team held an event in Graceville MN.

The number of people that came to the event quickly filled the available seating, causing the leaders to scramble for more chairs.  At the end of the event, Jeff’s team asked those that wanted to receive Christ to step forward as a public display of faith and to their surprise almost all 175 people came forward.

This all happen a few months ago in June and because of their response, the leaders recognized that God’s hand was all over this and a revival had begun.  So they invited Jeff Warner’s Ultimate Strength team to come back a few months later.

This week the revival meetings continue, August 11, 12, 13,Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:00pm at 1320 Hwy 28 Graceville, MN.

And next week, Bill Vanderbush will be ministering on August 18, 19 & 20 at7:00pm in Graceville.  

The “Hearts Revival” website lists three churches involved with this revival.

None of these churches appear to be located in the town of Graceville.  So if I understand this correctly, Graceville is primarily a recreational city surrounded by two camp grounds, a golf course and a shooting club with a population of maybe 1500.  So about 10% of the town just gave their lives to Christ.

According to Jeff Warner’s Church youth pastor Joe Quernemoen, “we talk about how God changed our lives” “we do some crazy things that gets people’s attention ... and then we share our testimonies and personal experiences”

“We were already there (in June), we went to the Gym and we saw a great move of God”

“They setup for 100 people maybe, and they had to add more chairs and we had maybe 180 people and when we gave the message we had the majority of the people stand up and come to the front”, Joe Quernemoen.

God is alive and well and He is changing the small town of Graceville MN.  If you live in the area, stop by and check it out this weekend.

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