Russia Claims Moral Leadership Of The World, And They May Have A Point

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   12/16/2013

At his annual State of the Union Address, Putin claimed Russia has become the moral leader of the world.

In an effort to transform the reputation of Russia from an immoral communist nation into a nation of moral high-ground, Vladimir Putin used his State of the Union Address to point out how Russia is leading the world.  

According to an article in, in his 70-minute speech Putin pointed that the West has moved away from traditional family values that “only entails negative consequences for society” and “there could be no benefit for society for treating ‘good and evil’ as equally."

This follows a bill passed earlier this year in Russia outlawing the dissemination of “homosexual propaganda” to minors. According to an article in WORLD, the bill was “designed to protect minors from the influence of “sodomy, lesbianism, bisexuality and transgenderism."  This bill is part of a growing national trend towards promoting traditional Russian values over Western liberalism. 

In the article by, David Aikman, a journalist and foreign policy consultant says, “Russian identity is tied up with Orthodox Christianity, and the Russians are slow to change attitudes. In some ways, Russian culture is where American culture was in the 1960’s.”

What is the world coming to?  Did I just read that correctly?  America - the once Christian nation - has been pointed out as calling good evil (Isaiah 5:20), which is to reject the laws of God “…for they have rejected the law of the LORD” (Isaiah 5:24)

President Putin is saying he no longer sees America as the leader of the world, because America has given itself over to immorality and no longer has a strong future. Putin is suggesting that the negative consequences on our society will lead our nation down a long road of despair.   

Even Russia can see the path we are on and they see the rewards that God has blessed our nation with all these years – when we stood firm on God’s moral authority.

Putin makes a good case against moral relativism.  Perhaps from real life experience as a child watching the Atheistic USSR destroy his nation, he has learned what happens when a nation turns from God's moral authority.

This may also have major economic consequence, as Russia will most likely no longer take a long term investment strategy in the USA.  If the rest of the world follows in a few year we may be saying 'what just happened'?

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