Save A Life, Join The 40 Days For Life Campaign To End Abortion

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   10/7/2012

ST CLOUD – A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the opening rally for the next “40 days for life” campaign in St. Cloud which is also going on across the nation.

The opening rally was Sunday, September 23rd, 6:00pm at Granite City Baptist Church & Academy, thanks to Pastor Dennis Campbell for hosting the event.

The 40 days for life campaign is the longest coordinated pro-life mobilization in history.

Anyone can participate by joining others in a united effort to pray and walk from September 26th – November 4th.

Here are a few pictures from the event.

Here is the facebook page to get involved.  

You will not be alone because over half a million people have participated in the 40 days for life across the nation in the last several years.  And you will make a difference because nearly 6,000 babies have been saved from abortions because of the 23 abortion clinics that have closed.  

Here is the website with a picture of some of the people from St. Cloud.  

This is the 7th campaign in St. Cloud and each time it has grown in size.  All ages can participate.

The national momentum to end Abortion is stronger than ever before primarily because new scientific technology has uncovered what we always knew - life begins at conception.  The national abortion providers are increasingly under pressure with $60 million in government funding drying up just in the last few years.

Many states are down to one abortion clinic including MN.  Next year, several states will likely close their one and only abortion clinic and as they do, other states will follow until abortion is removed from our land and the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness will be restored.  With the majority of people against Abortion, one case could easily end Abortion in the next few years.

Abortion is at the heart of the division of our nation for two reasons, first is puts blood on our hands as an unnatural and unnecessary death and second the lies contained in the idea that we can kill each other without a moral conviction leads us to believe many other lies. 

Scripture tells us; “woe to those that call evil good and good evil...” – Isaiah 5:20.

When we trade the truth for a lie, we can no longer think clearly about what is right/wrong.  All laws contain morality because laws determine what society believe is right and wrong.  But laws cannot teach both good and evil, they must choose just as every nation much choose what they are going to put into their laws.

Is a nation is going to promote moral living that is based on the truth found only in the Word of God that results in blessings or are they going to teach immorality which leads to destruction?  There is no middle ground.  No such thing as a law that is neutral.

Abortion teaches society that the natural love a mother and father have for their children can be overlooked for the convenience of their own lives.  This this is a devastating lie and teaching people to believe it is evil.  It is against nature, against science and against God – the creator of life. 

We are not the creators of life and therefore we have no right to take life.  

Photos by Jan Ophoven

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