Standing For Life Is Standing For Christ

By: Ryan Atkins 0 Comments   8/6/2011

If you burn for Christ, you will burn for life because he is the life giver.

I understand abortion is a touchy subject that many wrestle with the dilemma of whether or not one individual should make choices regarding others than themselves.

I however live with the belief that we must defend those who are unable to defend themselves and speak up for those who are unable to speak up for themselves.

This is why I have and will continue to speak up for the unborn child. I have been fairly quiet on the abortion issue (and many issues) for a few years.

Yet, I am grateful for the multitude of people who have never ceased in their determination to see all life preserved throughout this generation.

The time in my life, that began to muzzle me regarding sensitive issues occurred in 2006, when myself and thousands of individuals banned together, united in our determination to see abortion ruled illegal in the state of SD.

I was disheartened and discouraged following the landslide defeat, 55% to 45%, that the hours and hours of prayer, fasting and informing others turned to naught.

However, the same desire for life, that led me to pray, with a man I barely knew, from 12am to 2am for nearly a month, despite a hectic early morning schedule, is the same desire for life that continues to burn within my soul.

In reality over 52 million babies have died since Roe vs. Wade in 1973.  I believe we need to think on the reality that we have allowed 52 million babies to die in our nation, that means 52 million people, who may have been classmates, co-workers, friends, spouses, relatives, people that we would have interacted with, people who could and should have played a profound impact upon our lives.

Jaeson Ma's story of how his mother was preparing to have him aborted, which I first read in his book “The Blueprint: A Revolutionary Plan to Plant Missional Communities on Campus” when an individual she knew from church miraculously walked by the room saw the ultra-sound and announced the baby was a boy, without knowing her true intentions of aborting the baby seen in the ultra-sound propelled her to choose life, leading her to leave the operating room.

Ma has impacted thousands worldwide through his preaching, writing and singing. Ma is also the cause of this article. Last week (Week of July 24, 2011) I took a glance on his blog which I do from time to time and I encountered a post about Ma giving up Pepsi, a drink he greatly enjoyed, until abortion is no longer legalized in America.

I know to some, giving up something that appears trivial like Pepsi isn’t going to do anything to end abortion. However, whether it has a Spiritual significance or not doesn’t matter, what matter is the heart that is willing to give up an enjoyment for the life of a person we may or may not ever meet. In our fight against the death of an unborn child, great news has been revealed in the state of Minnesota. As recently reported by the Star Tribune, abortions statewide are at their lowest levels since 1975.

This is amazing news for those who have not grown weary in their fight for life. I urge everyone not to give up on the fight for life, even as many may have become discourage at times.  Never forget about the child we have yet to meet, the child who cannot fight for themselves, or the child who cannot speak for themselves, this is the person we must fight for.

The fight for life will always be a worthy cause.

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