Stopping Abortion requires taking back the media - Carly Fiorina

By: Curtis Wayne 0 Comments   4/12/2016

Carly Fiorina was one of the most exciting candidates in the 2016 Presidential election.  She was fearless in discussing the major issues facing the nation after 8 years of Obama.   

In a recent interview she discusses what was most surprising to her.  Here is what she had to say.  

“I will tell you the thing that surprised me the most.  It is the chasm, the yawning chasm between what the national media talks about, fixates on, and what people actually want to talk about. People are practical, concerned, they feel powerless, in some cases they feel angry, they feel a whole set of emotions, but they want to hear about solutions and what actually you are going to do. “ 

“I couldn’t get any media coverage, we couldn’t get on the debate stage, and those were related items by the way, you cannot go forward. “ 

“What I’ll tell you I was surprised by on the Planned Parenthood thing is how the liberal media jumped up and said she is lying. And said it with incredible force. Of course I wasn’t lying, and then they sent out their protesters, and people would yell and scream at me and throw condoms and all the rest.  We hit a nerve, because I think the media, the liberal media, Planned Parenthood they understand that if this is true, and it is true, then it’s going to cause a lot of people to rethink their support. “ 

To paraphrase Carly, the media controls the narrative and the narrative controls the popularity of the candidates. The media controls what is talked about and therefore controls which candidates get to be part of the debates.  This control gives the media the power to control the issues that the candidates talk about and they are not allowed to point out the lies about Abortion because the media is funded by the Abortion industry. 

This is why stopping Abortion requires conservatives to move into journalism and take this control away from the media.

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