Study Confirms Link Between Cancer And Abortion

By: Tia Johnson 0 Comments   6/4/2014

Several months ago I committed an act that would have set most husbands ablaze. It started with a missing set of keys which my husband urgently needed.

I realized I had most likely lost it at a specific location in town, so I packed up the kids and spun out of the yard in our truck to retrieve that lost set.

All I could think about was getting those keys. I didn't realize that I was driving the truck in low gear until I was 10 miles down the road and pushing it at 60mph. Yes, I ruined the engine on my husband's truck. 

I have to give him credit and relay that he was remarkably calm about the whole thing. And me, well, I learned several lessons. I had heard the warning signs, like a rattling engine which seemed hard to get moving. I had assumed that was because of the unusually cold weather. Yet all I could think about was those keys- if I had just calmed down and looked at the big picture, I may not have made such a costly error.

We've all been in situations where we didn't think of the consequences of our actions. Yet I am so thankful that we serve a God who won't scream and shout. In actuality, He offers healing and redemption. Only He can turn even our worst acts into something glorious- even the act of abortion.

Several online sites suggest that one-third of women have had an induced abortion. I'd suggest that most of those women have suffered consequences as a result- either emotional or physical or both. There are a few who adamantly state that their abortion has had no undesired consequences, and all we can do is take their word for it. But most women have undergone consequences they never would have imagined. A recent study reveals one more potential consequence from an induced abortion, and that is an increased chance of breast cancer.

LifeSiteNews briefed a report from a study in China that women who have had an abortion have a 44 percent increased chance of having breast cancer later in life, with this percentage increasing after each additional abortion. Another earlier study reported in the British Medical Association had shown a strong 30 percent increase.

This consequence is scary, but it needs to be reported, if only to deter some women from choosing an abortion today. 

There are several other consequences which follow an induced abortion. Possibly those leaving the deepest scars are the emotional consequences- feelings of regret so deep and trench-like that it seems impossible to climb out. Let me just say to you that there is redemption. God can heal your physical wounds, and he can also heal your emotional wounds.

I think of the several instances where Jesus worked miracles in women: the one who had the issue of blood and was healed after merely touching His clothes (Matthew 9), the woman who was a "real sinner" who anointed Jesus' feet with oil (Luke 7), and the woman who was found in the act of adultery (John 8). In each of these instances Jesus healed- physically or spiritually.

Jesus is described in Isaiah 61 as one who was sent "to comfort all who mourn... to give them a garland instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning." He is omnipotent and just, but He is also full of compassion.

Shortly after I ruined our truck I realized a form of redemption that was going to positively impact our marriage for our lifetime. My husband had been following me to town the entire time, and when we reached our destination and he heard the rattle of the engine he asked what the problem was. I told him I had been driving it in low gear for 10 miles. He calmly stated that I should take the truck to a repair shop and have it looked at.

Then he followed me to the nearest gas station (since I was almost out of gas) just to make sure that I would get there safely, even though he was running late for a class. My husband's response was so calm and caring. A few days later, when rethinking the whole thing, I felt rather sheepish. My response would have been much more livid had the tables been turned. The grace my husband showed me, however, convicted me to show more grace to him when he makes mistakes. That terrible error with a rather expensive consequence has impacted our marriage for the better.

I know this story does not compare to those who have gone through an abortion, but our God is big enough to bring redemption even in those situations. He loves you, and that has never changed, and He has the power not only to redeem you, but to redeem your ugly situation. If you do not yet see this, ask God for help.

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