Suppressing Liberty In The Name Of Equality

By: Tia Johnson 0 Comments   3/24/2014

Dennis Prager's varied background has provided strong patchwork for his poignant political pointers, some of which he shared at the Value Voters Summit in 2012.

Prager’s history includes strong liberal beliefs. His resume would have suggested so: a graduate of Columbia University and a “New York intellectual.” “It is like redundant to say that I was liberal,” Prager joked.

Today, he is an author and popular spokesperson on conservative values. Some of his videos (which include various presenters) can be viewed at

Prager switched views during the 1980s. However, being entrenched in both major political views during separate times of his life has put him in a persuasive position as a lecturer and debater.

In a video from the Value Voters Summit, Prager remembers being taught about the “danger on the right.” He says some liberals believe that all evil comes from conservatives. Conservatives are labeled as Nazis to the Jews, racists to the minority races, and homophobic to the gays, Prager said.

“Do you know the single greatest reason for the success of the left?" Prager asked.  "They’re genius at demonizing the right.”

Yet Prager insists that the left has mislabeled conservatives. He discussed how he loves, not hates, his lesbian niece, as well as her partner and their child. “I would beat someone up who hated (her),” he said. “But I would not compromise on the notion that marriage is between a man and a woman. That’s it. It doesn’t make you a hater. There is no hate,” Prager said, as cheers and applause arose from his audience.

Prager identified three values which he calls “The American Trinity”—three ideas which have been imprinted on every coin and bill in the United States for more than 100 years—liberty, in God we trust, and e pluribus unim.

“There is no country in the history of the world that has offered those three as its central values,” Prager said. Yet, “the left is in total contradistinction to each of those values.”

How so? “Instead of liberty, the left wants equality,” Prager said. “They are willing and desirous of suppressing liberty in the name of equality.”

Liberals also label people as basically good, a view which he says comes from the Enlightenment period, whereas “in God we trust” suggests a worldview of people who need some sort of accountability.

According the Prager, this accountability comes from mainly government or God, and, as Prager put it, “The bigger the State, the smaller the God” and “The bigger the State, the smaller the citizen.”

Prager described how a “good” person is often referred to as a “God-fearing” person, even if he/she is not religious.

“E pluribus unum” was Prager’s next value. This latin phrase means “out of many, one.” Prager described that a person of any nationality can live in this country and be called “American.” “We have produced… the least racist society in human history,” Prager said. Yet the “racist” label is arrogantly thrown at conservatives.

“They’re the ones preoccupied with race. They’re the ones preoccupied with bloodlines,” Prager said of liberals.

Prager specifically addressed his Jewish background and their liberal lean. When Prager’s stance is questioned by other Jews, he asked this question: “Why don’t you preach what you practice?”

“So many liberals lead utterly conservative lives,” Prager said, like placing marriage before childbirth and working hard, “but they don’t make the same demands on others.”

He referred to the values our President and his wife have exemplified in raising their daughters. “They sound like utter conservatives. But then it’s all abandoned when it comes to people outside of their home.”

Prager asserted the importance of talking about values in regard to politics.

“We (conservatives) win on the values questions. I want the values debate. We produce more compassionate people. We produce a better society. We produce more goodness,” Prager said. “The greatest contributors to world peace have been the Marine Corps, not the Peace Corps.”

More of Prager's views can be heard in short videos at or read in one of his books available at his website:

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