Surprise, Surprise, Many New Pro-Marriage Activists Are Young Adults

By: Tia Johnson 0 Comments   5/7/2013

Last March nearly 15 thousand people (according to Citizen Link) trotted the streets of Washington, D.C. with one purpose in mind: to proudly and fervently fight for natural, traditional marriage.

They were marching and standing despite the ugly mudslinging from culture. And, while young people have taken the charge of the opposing LGBT movement the past few decades, one trait in this group has caught the eye of media: many of them, too, were young.

Yes, young people have risen up to play a part in this battle to protect marriage.

Now, marriage activists of all ages are valuable-- whether they share their viewpoint in discussions around the family dinner table or in a calm rebuttal at the water cooler at work.

But the young warriors articulated below have gone beyond their call of duty. They care about culture enough to offer not only intelligent responses, but to also offer intelligent leadership.

A blog on the National Organization for Marriage website highlighted a few of these people: Will, a 26-year-old lawyer, Andrew, a 27-year-old policy analyst, Eric Teetsel, 29 and executive director of the Manhattan Declaration, just to name a few bright voices.

Edward Lee Pitts of WORLD Magazine wrote more detail about some of these young leaders. Teetsel, for example, sees a disconnect among church-goers between what they experience in church and what they see on television. "Teetsel sees young believers who struggle with being fully Christian while enmeshed in contemporary culture. They go to church, but they also watch The Daily Show. And, according to Teetsel, they often don't do well integrating those worlds" wrote Pitts.

Twenty-five-year-old Caitlin Seery has faced cultural opposition in her job at a consulting firm and across public college campuses nationwide. She told Pitts "'Just because things are polling one way today doesn't mean that will always be the case. Forty years ago the media said that all young people are becoming pro-choice. We proved them wrong. The youngest generation is the most pro-life generation.'"

As Seery has met with students throughout our nation's campuses, she has noted a special measure of compassion among Christian students- compassion that compels them to the heart of those who consider themselves LGBT without retreating from their belief in marriage as one-man-with-one-woman.

Compassion is important when discussing any volatile issue. But these young people are armed with more than compassion. They have timely tools to work with: social media and web videos.

Teetsel had said on NOM's blog, "'Proponents of same-sex marriage have done a fantastic job of telling the story of same-sex marriage through music and television and film… I think it's really a case where once they hear the other side of the issue, and really think about it deeply, we're going to win a lot of those folks back.'"

Thankfully, supporters of natural marriage- whether young or old- are beginning to throw aside the ugly labels and step under the public light.

They have taken a stronger stand particularly in Minnesota, where LGBT advocates are threatening to send a hatchet to the institution of marriage via the legislature. Though we are disheartened by their efforts, I am thankful that this has opened up discussion on the issue. It has brought many to the steps of our own state capitol.

And once there, we have plenty to share.

Events in Minnesota have led me to correspond with my own legislators on the issue. One of them responded by asking this question: If same-sex marriage were legalized in Minnesota, what would change?

He may have been insinuating that nothing would change, so what's the big deal? But the truth is that lots would change.

How so? Consider these points:

Today's marriages need help. Redefining the institution does not support marriage. It throws it in the trash. As stated by CitizenLink, "If the High Court decrees that marriage can now mean anything an interest group wants, which in today’s arguments they seemed hesitant to say, then it will ultimately mean nothing at all. In the few cultures that have tried that dangerous experiment, marriage rates, monogamy and fidelity have soon plummeted, children have suffered, and religious freedom (and the right to stand for traditional marriage and family) has been dramatically eroded." Marriage is already struggling. Changing its definition creates a lower respect for the institution. Historically, nations that have embraced new definitions of marriage have signaled a speedy spiral of immorality. Men and women are no longer respected for who they distinctly are. The meaning of marriage is diluted and children are dealt out to a variety of adult caretaker combinations.

Truly, children suffer most. They are made vulnerable to an unending combination of caregivers. California already suggested the legalization of multiple guardians for a child. Ach, I can't imagine the impact on a child: Your "parents" are no longer your biological flesh-and-blood. They are a fluid assignment arranged (or fought over) by your superiors, ultimately decided upon by an estranged judge?!

Research has been clear about the impact on children raised by gay caregivers: less security, more uncertainty. This lifestyle more often leaves a permanent mark resulting in higher risks of depression and other aspects of emotional instability. One strong testimony by Professor Lopez was brought before Minnesota legislators last March concerning same-sex marriage and its impact on children. Doug Mainwaring has voiced a similar opinion. Both of these men have been part of the GLBT community.

Delight Media has done several articles on the impact of a father and the marvelous damage of an absent father. The role of both sexes helps support the healthy development of a child. This is not only scientifically proven-- it is the way God made it!

The state of marriage and the impact on children snowball into a hit on society. In reality, the health of families determines the health of its society.

These are just a few points. The National Organization for Marriage has put out an excellent video here voicing other supporting points of natural marriage..

According to the NOM, "We cannot hope to limit government if we do not stand up for our core civil society institutions, beginning with marriage. Marriage is the foundation of America's cultural stability and economic prosperity and the courts have no business overruling the people's democratic decisions in the states. People can love whom they want and live the way they choose, but no one is entitled to redefine a foundational institution of civil society that has existed for centuries."

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