Suzanne Somers Speaks Out About The Health Risks Of Oral Contraceptives

By: Tia Johnson 0 Comments   3/1/2012

Suzanne Somers has hit headlines in health news again, and it's not for her ThighMaster. This time, she talked with NewsmaxHealth about her bout with breast cancer and what she believes is the cause: her birth control pills.

"What I do realize about birth control pills is that a woman doesn’t fully ovulate," Somers told Newsmax. "So therefore you’re messing with nature. And any time you mess with the balance of nature I think you’re setting yourself up for jeopardy."

Somers admitted that she could be wrong on her opinion, and questioned whether a study had been done on the connection between birth control pills and cancer.

But other research reported on by the National Cancer Institute supports Somers' case. The NCI report says that while oral contraceptives may decrease the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancers, they may increase the risk of cervical and breast cancers.

Dealing specifically with breast cancer, the report revealed that those who had been on birth control pills since their teenage years had the highest risk. But after 10 years of not using birth control pills, a woman's chance of developing breast cancer returned to the same risk as a woman who had never been on oral contraceptives.

The same report suggested that oral contraceptives may be responsible for a higher risk of cervical cancers, although the Human Papillomavirus, a sexually-transmitted disease, is most often responsible for this type of cancer.

Oral contraceptives have been available since the 1960s and have become the most popular form of birth control, according to WebMD. Some patients take birth control pills to help manage acne or for other non-contraceptive reasons. In most cases, oral contraceptives are taken to lessen the chances of a pregnancy by preventing an egg from being fertilized or to prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to a woman's uterus.

Some medical cases may necessitate the use of birth control pills to prevent a pregnancy. For example, a woman may be incapable of carrying a baby through to term or may have contracted a disease requiring treatment not recommended for a pregnant woman.

But those who are married and do not have such medical concerns should ask, "Do I need to prevent a pregnancy from occurring?"

Michelle Duggar has a strong testimony regarding this question. Certainly, we all aren't destined to have 19 plus kids as Michelle and Bob Duggar have. Lately, Michelle has been in the news regarding her latest miscarriage. She's quoted as saying they would be open to having more children "if God saw fit to bless us with more" in an article by TODAYMoms.

It appears that a large family was not the Duggar's original goal, though. Michelle's recent miscarriage would have been child number 20- a frightening number for many parents! Yet it was after her first miscarriage (would have been her second child) that this couple handed over their family size to God.

"That first miscarriage was what caused Michelle and Jim Bob early in their marriage to rethink their plan to have two or three children, and instead to eschew family planning and leave the number of children they have up to God," reported Rebecca Dube with TODAYMoms.

Arguments about the appropriateness of oral contraceptives seem valid on both sides. Some say that God provided the medical advances today to raise a smaller family for a special purpose. Others point to Biblical cases when God "opened and closed" wombs without the intervention of contraceptives-- particularly with Abraham's, Sarah, Isaac's Rebekah, and Jacob's Rachel and Leah.

One case that is Biblically without argument is the use of oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy before a woman is married. God made his standards clear: purity before marriage. For unmarried woman, contraceptives to prevent pregnancy are not necessary because intercourse need not be in the picture.

Our national and state legislators have debated the appropriateness of this standard in the public schools. Some say it's not possible, so we should expose children to various contraceptives so that they know their options. But the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 10:13 that no temptation is more powerful than ourselves. This verse also promises that when we are tempted, God will provide a way out so that we can endure under that temptation.

Taking birth control pills to prevent a pregnancy before marriage is a blatant statement of distrust and disobedience toward God. In this case, a woman has decided that sex might happen, so she'd better take the pill to avoid repercussions. The truth is that repercussions occur whether she gets pregnant or not. Sex before marriage impacts a woman regardless. The best choice she can make for herself is to decide that she's not going to have sex until she's married. That also happens to be the most obedient choice in relationship with God.

Somers testified to the physical vulnerabilities caused by birth control pills in her breast cancer battle 10 years ago. She did not mention the emotional and spiritual vulnerabilities that also exist from taking the pill for casual sex. However, just as Somers appears to have experienced physical healing, God has also provided a way for healing and forgiveness emotionally and spiritually. Thank God that we can be forgiven for the bad turns we have made in our past.

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