The Atheism Movement Is Losing Its Luster With The Next Generation

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   1/3/2013

In the last decade there have been a string of atheism books and organizations around the world. They took every opportunity to enjoy the limelight, but didn’t realize they were being used – played by a deep desire within the heart of humanity to reject God.

But now that the culture shifts have taken place, laws are being changed, and God’s standards are being removed from the laws of nations, the usefulness of these intellectuals has lost its luster.

Let me explain. The atheism movement is coming to an end because the next-generation is in love with postmodernism, which rejects all forms of intellectual reasoning.

Who would have thought that the intellectuals would be used by the people? You would have thought it would have gone the other way.  The atheism movement used its intellectual reasoning to sell the ideas of postmodernism, namely that we don’t need God to define truth, and now that the public believes it they see no need for intellectual reasoning.

The wickedness of atheism is to reject the laws of God and try to come up with their own laws in which man can live by. In rejecting God's laws, atheism rejects sin against God. 

But they realize that we cannot completely reject sin against each other and therefore we must live by some restrains, some common standards, some rules - some laws.

The atheist motto can be summed up by: “We can live however we want, creating our own rules”. But the next generation wants to go a step further rejecting all restrains. Their motto is only: “We can live however we want”.

They don’t care about creating our own rules.  To them, rules are restrains and who is to say what they can and cannot do, when truth does not exist? 

The Postmodern Threat To Atheism

The Atheist movement has been successful in convincing a lot of people that they don’t need God’s laws to live by, but in so doing they started a generation down a path that they cannot win over. 

Atheism is a proposition to reject God as the source of truth, but now that the truth is gone, they cannot convince people that it is still important to find a new source of common truth. 

The post-modernist want nothing to do with determining truth.  Now that they are convinced that God is not the source of truth, truth does not matter to them.  Truth is not part of their decision making process.

They simply react to their natural desires. They want what they want, with no limits and no consequences. This is what they think is freedom.  And they think everyone should have the same rights that they have, which is captured in words like “equality”.

Reasoning reveals that this is not true and everything we do has limits and consequences as part of the material world we live in.  But the post-modernist radically deny reasoning and incline to feel-good animal instincts to guide their decisions.

You can reason with an Atheist, but not with a new ager.  You can expose the folly in the thinking of an Atheist and show them the error in their way.  The Atheist uses his mind to disguise his problem of sin, to deceive himself into thinking that God does not matter and therefore sin is not his problem.

A new ager dismisses reasoning and logic, and finds it threatening to attempt to reason with him.  There is nothing but sand underneath their way of looking at life.  If you share an experience with them to reveal the truth about something, they will discard it by saying “I’m glad you found that to be true for you, but for me I want something else.” 

The self-centered nature of a sinful man is coming to its full maturity in which no amount of evidence that the sky is blue will convince them otherwise.  The sky is whatever color they want it to be.

The fact remains that the four genocides in the twentieth century which resulted in millions of dealths were by atheistic regimes. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. These mass killings show us that without God there is no restrainer of the evil found in the heart of men.  Not even atheistic regimes can control the evil that comes out of men when they no longer fear God. Scripture tells us the same thing.

Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; but blessed is he who keeps the law.” – Proverbs 29:18

The darkness is getting darker, as we approach the return of Christ.

The Atheists Response

In an scramble to retain their influence and mold the future, the leading Atheists are trying to make a focused effort to come up with a system of common rules, based on human reasoning.

Sam Harris has even created an organization called the Project Reason for this specific purpose. One of their goals is to point out that religion is dangerous because it is just superstition used to control people and direct them to make war with each other.

While rejecting religion as dangerous, they want the world to join them in coming up with a new set of rules that all of humanity can live by, based on nothing but human reasoning.

Of course the problem is that there is nothing that exists apart from God and therefore no reasoning can be gathered up apart from him. His fingerprints are under every rock.  Everything we see, feel, touch, smell or think about has its origin in Him. All evidence eventually leads back to God.

World renowned journalist Lee Strobel has already tried to prove Christianity is just superstitious, but the more he researched the more evidence he found proving the God of Christianity was indeed everything he said he was.  He documented his research in the books “The Case For Christ” and “The Case For a Creator” and has since given his life to Christ.

The very reason for the creation of the ‘Reason Project’ is because the new atheism movement is intellectually and spiritually bankrupt – just as God said it would be. (1 Corinthians 1:20)


Atheists insist that if they could only gather all the intellectual reasoning in the world into a common system, than they could reject God.  The only problem is that reasoning points to God and gathering reasoning only reveals more of God.

“For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid down, which is Jesus Christ” - 1 Corinthians 3:11

Post-modernist insist that truth does not exist, denying the consequences of everyday actions that reveal otherwise.  And this is why they must reject Atheism because reasoning reveals that post-modernism is false.  The post-modern idea that truth is relative to each person is collapsing under the weight of reasoning.

So the post-modern generation must reject Atheism along with God and in so doing they have nothing to put hope in

If only they knew the Lord, if only they knew what mighty strength comes from putting our hope in him.

"Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord their God. " - Psalm 146:5

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