The Bible Makes A Comeback In Public Education

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   4/3/2014

Removing the Bible from public education in 1963 is perhaps the greatest turning point in the history of America.  From the moment the Bible was removed as the source of teaching the next generation no longer had a moral standard and society began to fall apart.  

Besides morality, the Bible was used across America to teach many other things, such as reading, grammar, history, geography, and the origins of world religions.  To this day, no other book in the world covers history and the origins of world religions better than the Bible. 

This is why there is a growing effort to restore the teaching of such things with the Bible.  In the last few years, an organization called “The National Council On Bible Curriculum” has been gaining a lot of support for its Bible curriculum.

According to their website:

“In 1993, The National Council On Bible Curriculum In Public Schools was born with the goal of bringing back Bible curriculum as an educational tool to public schools in all 50 states” 

“To date, our Bible curriculum has been voted into 823 school districts (2,441 high schools) in 39 states. Over 600,000 students have already taken this course nationwide, on the high school campus, during school hours, for credit.” 

Their curriculum is constitutionally legal to teach in the public schools because it does not teach that the Bible is a divine book.  Instead it is used to teach literature from the most popular book in the world.  In the process, this curriculum increases the awareness of students who want to read about what Jesus said and compare the claims of Christianity to the religions of secular humanism that is openly taught in the public schools.  

I think every school, whether public, private, charter or otherwise, should consider this curriculum.  The 1963 Supreme Court case that caused the Bible to begin to be removed from the public schools did not rule that the Bible could not be used in schools; rather, it simply ruled against using the Bible for devotional classes.  The Bible can be used in public schools to teach many things including a moral standard.

Frank Turek points this out in his book “Legislating Morality”:

"The key point is this: While the First Amendment clearly forbids the federal government from establishing a national religion, it does not prohibit the government from establishing a national morality. In fact, the First Amendment itself is a law that helps establish a national morality; it clearly implies that it is wrong for Congress to establish a religion or to prohibit the free exercise of religion; it also implies that any congressional attempt to abridge freedom of speech, the press, or assembly is morally wrong."

"Behavior can ultimately be traced to beliefs, and beliefs to education. "

Here is a video of Frank explaining the separation of Church and State:

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