The Christian Worldview Is Always More Profitable Than The Secular Worldview

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   5/21/2012

A Christian worldview is more profitable in every aspect of life, but in this article I'm going to talk about how a Christian worldview is more profitable in business.  

A business with a Christian worldview is more profitable than a secular worldview, because it improves the lives of the customers, blessing their lives with wisdom that increases their ability to produce more and gain more out of life – the abundant life – which results in greater wealth, translating into customers that have more money to spend in the future.  

Contras to a business with a secular worldview, that tries to profits off the natural human tendencies to crave things that are not good for us, like greed and selfishness and pride, which are sold as products like quick-divorce, gambling, sexual promiscuity, pornography, etc.  

All of these things reduce the wealth of the customer and tear apart their lives, leaving them worse off than before they purchased the products and the result is that they have less money to spend in the future.

This is why the secular business model is completely dependent on people rebuilding their lives and can only be perpetuated by gaining new customer that the church has restored from previous purchases of these products that destroyed part of their lives.  

Those that push for a complete secular worldview don’t realize what they are asking for, because their customer base is completely dependent on the Christian worldview to constantly restore the lives that their products are destroying.

Take Hollywood for example. 

The Hollywood industry is a group of people that have some of the most broken lives in America, as Karen Covell, the Hollywood Prayer Network founder, said in a recent article on World.  

“Christians look at the show differently: Instead of fixating on a small gold idol, they grasp the brokenness in the lives of seemingly successful actors and directors.“ 

Covell, a documentary producer, described the movie industry's makeup: "Only 2 percent of people go to church, many have never read a Bible, and are not at all aware of what faith in Christ is. ... [Hollywood] does not relate to the rest of America. It has its own culture, gods, language; we are ministering to a tribe of people who are not the same."  

The broken lives of the Hollywood elites are exactly what Christ has a solution for. Yet, in the blindness of the image of success that they see themselves achieving, they cannot see the abundant life that the Christianity worldview provides.

In an same place that contains most of the richest people in the world, is a culture destruction surrounding the industry destroying many of the people that work in the industry because the business model is built on promoting and marketing sin.  

“The environment is tough for anyone coming in, says Shun Lee, an actor, writer, and producer from Omaha, who moved to Los Angeles nearly 10 years ago. Young, impressionable people looking for their big breaks are easily entrapped by cults, the porn industry, sex trafficking, and prostitution. In a career filled with rejection, Lee sees a common danger: "Feeling discouraged, despair, loneliness," and going down the wrong track. “

Thousands of people head to Hollywood each year in search of fame and worldly success, and they end up destroying their lives not realizing the dangers of the business model of marketing the most lethal poison in the world - sin.

They mock the Christians and ministries that have sprung up to help the many people in need of the savior, without realizing that their business model is completely dependent on the very ministries they mock to restore the broken lives that sin has revenged.

Just as predictable as the morning sun, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge .. They feed on the sin of My people. And direct their desire toward their iniquity." - Hosea 4:6-8.

The few that gain wealth in the Hollywood business model of marketing sin, is on the back of thousands of broken lives. Customers that will never again be able to purchase the products that destroyed their lives. The Hollywood business model is a perpetual circle of wealth destruction.  

This is why a Christian worldview business model is always more profitable, both for the customers and for the business. Instead of marketing evil, the Christian worldview business model markets the knowledge of Christ, which is wholesome and good, capable of strengthening marriages and families so they can increase their wealth, by increasing their productivity, savings and relationships.

This enables them to become repeat customers for life.

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