The Death and Resurrection of Christ Is the Greatest Event In History

By: Curtis Ophoven 0 Comments   4/22/2011

Without the death of Christ we would never be free from the grip of sin that delivers men to death. And without His resurrection, we would have no hope in a new life and in our future resurrection with Christ.

The mess that Adams' sin caused humanity left God no other choice, because only He was capable of the tremendous love that it took to reconcile our relationship with Him.  Only God was in a position to fix the mess that sin brought into the world. We were helpless and unable to save ourselves from the grip of death that our sin required.

It is also interesting to note that God knew before he created humanity, that we would sin and He would have to give His only Son in order to reconcile our relationship, and yet He created us anyway.

The death of Christ was foreknown before the foundation of the world (1 Peter 1:20), and Jesus was with God when they created the world. Jesus knew before He created the world that He would one day need to die for the sins of the world to free us from the slavery of sin, purchasing us with His blood.

No other event in history is as important or as powerful at this. The amount of love that was required of God to give His Son’s life for ours is immeasurable by any means in heaven or earth.  Nothing can be compared to the love that God showed towards us.

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